The Asylum

The Asylum


The Asylum is a group of young, extremely talented, driven guys in a mission to get their music heard all over the world. With their debut full length album "Closer To the Evil" and their high energy live show, The Asylum is ready to show the world what they are made of!!


That is how we would describe the sound of THE ASYLUM

Following in the footsteps of bands like Pantera, Lamb of God, Metallica, & Megadeth, this band lays down power grooves like no other.

This is the way heavy metal is supposed to sound. This is the new breed of heavy metal.

The Asylum album, Closer to the Evil, is a non-stop sonic assault from the opening thunder of This War Ends, into the chest pounding anthem Invincible One, through the industrial barrage of This World, & finalizing with the gothic & sobering conclusion in the 9 minute epic Boundaries.

Closer to the Evil is 11 songs & 60 minutes of vast sonic soundscapes, punctuated by intense drumming, tight rhythmic changes, and The Asylum's trademark unique metal style. Vince LuPone and Adam Huck’s absolutely crushing twin guitar sound sets the tone, & vocalist Jason Kendall’s amazing repertoire of vocal styles, abilities, & sheer passion make this one of the tightest and most downright badass metal recordings of the new millennium. Talented speed metal drummer Dan Edwards and rock-solid bassist Bill Infamous anchor the band live, and each brings the thunder in one of the most talented heavy metal rhythm sections out today.

Mark our words, this is the heavy metal album of 2008


Closer To The Evil- Full length released March 2008 Weeping Shadow Records

Airplay on 98 KUPD (97.9 FM, PHX, AZ)
The Edge 103.9 (103.9 Fm, KEDJ)

Set List

Set list depends on the show/ time allowed. Our typical set list as of late consists of 45 min set:

1)Completely Electric
2) Betrayal
3)Nothing More To Give
4) This War Ends
5) This World
6) Torn Apart
7)Invincble One