The As You Go Band

The As You Go Band


Original, story-driven music that ponders the exchanges between God and His creation.


Imagine Neil Young, The Allman Brothers, Stephen Stills, Pink Floyd, Richard Thompson, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils and James Taylor getting together to sing about God – this is the best way that I can describe our sound. Perhaps I’m dreaming and I only wish we sounded like this. Listen to our songs, what do you think?

One more thing, we are consistently told that our music is soothing and peaceful. For example, after a set, a gentleman came up to us and declared, "listening to your music makes me feel better”. My-Oh-My, this is the best possible way to describe our music!



If you enjoy details, read on...

The As You Go Band is an American Band playing in the Americana style telling the multilayered story of human existence and the journey of mankind. The As You Go Band played its first date five years ago. Since then, the Band has played various venues in the Front Range and Southern Colorado. The Denver Volunteers of America organization calls The As You Go Band “our band.” We have been playing at VOA events for the last five years, including playing for the folks who are homeless at the VOA Mission in downtown Denver. We write our own music and our songs focus on things of God. As You Go is not a “praise and worship” band. Rather, we write about life’s astonishing journey via the Americana/Folk/Rock genre. Our songs are generally considered “deep” and story driven, to which many people respond.

Here are the detailed stories of our band members.

Steve Blechschmidt
Steve starting playing guitar eight years ago because of a promise to his daughter ~ “I’ll learn guitar if you continue your piano lessons.” A guitar has never been far from Steve’s side throughout those eight short years. His passion for guitar, music theory, song writing, and performing is daunting. Steve’s study of classical guitar, fingerstyle guitar and his love for long, Allman Brother like guitar runs manifests itself in his melodic lead guitar playing.

Rick Larson
Rick has been playing guitar since 1959. He made his first commercially released record in 1962. After a break to raise a family, he’s back as a part of the As You Go Band, writing, singing and playing rhythm guitar. Rick never feels more like himself than when he’s standing on a stage in front of a microphone with a guitar in his hands. He and Steve produced their first commercial release, “It Makes a Difference” during the course of 2006 at Raven Records in Englewood, CO.

The four piece version of The As You Go Band includes Guy Steagall and Galen Achten.

Guy Steagall
The As You Go Band is fortunate to have Guy Steagall playing guitar and bass. Guy's liquid speed is something to behold. Guy grew up playing music on the North Side of Chicago, IL. In the 80’s he toured nationally, either playing with or sharing concert stages with Robert Palmer, Dave Mason, Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Leon Russell, The Grass Roots, Leo Kottke, Chuck Berry, Leslie Gore, Tommy James and The Shondels, and many more. In a 1982 music review, Variety Magazine said: “Steagall plays the 6 string lead guitar… and shows impressive technique in high speed picking… Indefatigable, pours it on throughout.”

Galen Achten
Galen started playing drums in 1968 at the age of 14. As the years passed he was in many types of bands; Blues, Jazz and Rock, playing drums and all types of percussion instruments. He played in many night clubs in the Wichita area; mostly Rock clubs but also Jazz and Blues clubs. In 1986, Galen and two good friends with whom he had played in a band for a long time began writing and recording their own music. The band had to break up for reasons beyond their control. Galen stopped playing for some ten years. He got married to Cindy, they had a son Garrett, and he zoned in on his career. Then one day a good friend, Steve Blechschmidt stopped by his house and asked him to blow the dust off his drums and help him put a CD together with Rick Larson. And the outcome is "It Makes a Difference" by the As You Go Band!!


Beneath the Wave of Grace

Written By: Rick Larson and Steve Blechschmidt

Words & Music by Rick Larson & Steve Blechschmidt ã 2004, All Rights Reserved

Another sin rolls beneath the Wave of Grace,
Another sin rolls beneath the Wave of Grace.
Clouds of witnesses will tell you,
It’s the only way we’ll win the race.

They brought the woman,
Shoved her in Your face.
Adultery, her deadly sin,
To their disgrace,
Lord, You took the longer view,
Looked into her soul.
You sent the boys packing,
And You brought her back to the fold.


We love being in the fold,
Hanging with the flock.
When we commit our deadly sins,
When we miss the mark,
We look up to Your lovely face,
We hear Your voice and see.
Our Shepherd and protector,
You smile and set us free.

We’re men with stiff-necks, uncircumcised hearts.
Our ears resist the Holy Spirit’s knock.
But where sins increase, grace abounds the more,
Blessed is the man whose sins aren’t counted by the Lord.


Lifestyle Blues

Written By: Rick Larson and Steve Blechschmidt

Lifestyle Blues
Words and music by Rick Larson and Steve Blechschmidt, copyright 2007, All Rights Reserved

Standing on the corner, looking at my shoes,
Wondering if the sun will go down.
Make a little money, have a little fun,
Friends coming round.
Gourmet food in the pantry, cheeses in the fridge,
Cellar aging my fine wine.
Selecting the best for my personal space;
Entertaining myself to death.

You might say I got the Lifestyle Blues;
A utopia built on the items I choose.
Style consumes every dollar I earn.
I can’t keep up with the rate of burn.
I really care about my Lifestyle,
But it doesn’t care about me.

Dawn breaks, the radio’s already on,
Television joins the wall of sound.
I got one playing in every room,
With beautiful people talking me ‘round.
I’m flattered by their concern;
Sharing secrets I’d be crazy to spurn;
I could live forever on exotic herbs;
Improving myself to death.


We used to laugh at Aristotle in school,
Who's thinking lead him to play the fool.
Thought the earth the center of the universe;
Now I have to wonder if the tables are turned.
Grazing the daily smorgasbord,
Here at the epicenter of my word.
They might well be laughing at me,
Entertaining myself to death.



Written By: Rick Larson and Steve Blechschmidt


Words & Music by Rick Larson & Steve Blechschmidt ã 2004, All Rights Reserved

Lazarus was a homeless man,

He was living on the streets.

Dumped at the door of a rich man’s home,

He was sore and sick and beat.

Dogs came to lick his sores.

He was hungry and alone.

The only thing keeping him alive,

Were scraps from that rich man’s home;

Table scrap, that’s all.

Lazarus’ death was unremarked;.

No funeral was held.

He was carried instead on angels’ wings,

To the care of Abraham.

Accounted as a righteous man.

The rich man spent his days at ease,

Dressed in cloth of gold.

Eating and drinking without cease,

Serving himself alone.

When the old boy died

His funeral was grand.

Buried in a magnificent tomb,

His door into hell,

That man went straight to hell!

The rich man looked up from his torment,

Saw Abraham holding Lazarus.

Said, “Lazarus, bring me water I’m in agony.

“Abraham, send him over. Have mercy.”

“Child,” said Abraham, “In your lifetime,

“You got the good and Lazarus the bad.

“A huge chasm between us now that none can cross over,

Lazarus is consoled while your hope is gone.”

“Send him instead to my father’s house,

“Tell my brothers the score.”

“Your brothers have Moses and the prophets,” said Abe;

“Been warned since they were born.”

“They’re not heeding the words!” the rich man said.

“They’d listen to a man coming back from death.”

“Haven’t listened til now,” said Abraham.

“They won’t listen to a risen man.

“They’ll ignore the risen Man.”


As You Go released their first CD, "It Makes a Difference" in 2006. We are in the studio now, 2010, completing our second CD entitled Second Book. We plan to release this CD in the summer of 2010.

Set List

The As You Go Band will typically fill a two and a half hour evening with three sets ranging from 45 minutes to an hour each. Depending on the venue, two of those sets may feature the four piece version of the Band with the other an acoustic set with Rick and Steve.

A typical set list is made up primarily of original tunes with appropriate traditional and cover tunes mixed in. A sample set list follows.
1. Lazarus (original)
2. Cattle on a Thousand Hills (original)
3. His Initiative (original)
4. Stranger (original)
5. A Pilgrim’s Song (original)
6. You Made it Right (cover)
7. Poured Out (original)
8. Tellus (original)
9. David’s Refuge (original)
10. Satisfied Mind (cover)
11. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (traditional)
12. Hey Paul (original)
13. Help (cover)
14. Back to the Garden (original)
-- Break --
15. Grace Upon Grace (original)
16. Psalms 23 & 27 (original)
17. I Wish I Knew Why (original)
18. Beneath the Wave of Grace (origin