Athens, Georgia, USA
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Teen sensations from Athens, GA with incredible musical talent, and a stage presence and performance quality that leaves grown-up rockers in awe and industry professionals taking notice. You've got to see them to believe it! Influenced by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Slipknot, and Greedy White Citizens.


"Athens" is a rock band named after its hometown, the legendary music hub, Athens, GA. The band is made up of four guys younger than most of their rock heroes’ last albums. Although these guys are all under 15, they rock out like they’ve been doing it for years. Their youthful energy and classic rock/metal inspired performance on stage has captured the attention of press, promoters, venue owners, teen girls and other musicians.

Chase “Squiggle” Brown (13) fronts the band on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Beau “Monkey” Anderson (11) is the stage-stealing lead guitarist, backed by Walt “Mr. Responsible” Sorrow (14) on bass, and Zak “Attack” Smith (14) on drums.

Beau and Chase have been friends since they were three and six. More recently, the two studied with the same guitar teachers, Mike and Vanda Guthrie. They got together for a jam-date in the Spring of 2008 and Athens was officially born. They recruited Beau’s cousin Walt, already a skilled guitar player, who picked up the bass and was obviously born to play it. While ogling guitars at Guitar Center in Atlanta, the three heard what they described as a “mad man” banging the drums in a back room; it was there they found Zak “Attack” Smith and asked him to join.

Athens caught the interest of Nina Baldridge of Fast Forward Management, who hooked them up with Greedy White Citizen’s Austin Bolen and A New Effect’s Taylor Baldridge, who helped groom the band with writing workshops, group guitar lessons and rehearsals, rendering enough original material for an EP. Their renditions of rock classics “TNT,” “When I Come Around,” “Fly Me Courageous,” “School’s Out,” and “Rock n Roll,” made their stage show an immediate hit landing them a dozen gigs in their first months together.

Their performances at festivals, private events, and music venues in and around Athens inspired one venue owner to say he told all his musician friends to, “hang it up; everything you’re aspiring to musically has already been achieved by a group of kids.” Athens stole the show at the 2009 world-renowned music festival AthFest, and at the Athens Human Rights Festival. They have also rocked the stage at the Washington Wilkes Music Festival, where they were called by the local paper an act of “teen sensations,” as well as at Melting Point in Athens, a venue named in the “Top 40 Music Venues in the Country’ by Paste magazine.

Athens has captured the attention and praise of veteran rocker Carl Jah (Dread Zeppelin), who wrote a song for the band called “Roll On,” which is featured on their EP. Jah has become a mentor and one of the band’s biggest fans. They have also sparked interest from music industry professionals anxious to get the band out to a larger audience, including photographer Rusty Bailey who has captured their charisma and stage presence in photos and video.

Athens opened for one of their musical influences, Greedy White Citizen, at the Sweetwater Bar and Grill in Duluth, GA, and performed on stage with Carla Le Fever (Carla Le Fever and the Rays). Band members cite other sources of inspiration as Led Zeppelin, Boston, Def Leopard and AC/DC, Driving n Cryin and specifically musicians Eddie Van Halen, Angus Young, Jimmy Page, Neil Peart, John Bonham, Tommy Lee, Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw, Steven Tyler, Robert Plant, Vince Neil, Cee Cee Deville, Bill Collins and Steve Clarke.

The band went in to Angelic Productions’ The Loft Studio in Atlanta with Eric “E-Rock” Heil in the summer of 2009. With Heil recording and mixing, and Nina Baldridge producing, the band laid down high-energy, rhythm-driven tracks like “Arguments,” “She Don’t Even Know,” and “Annoying” for their debut EP. The songs feature smoking hot guitar leads, busy baselines, and killer drums, with passionate vocals backed by all three other band members singing pitch perfect harmonies. The songs’ catchy lyrics reflect their experiences with classmates, each other, young love, and growing up.

The band is supported by a steadfast team of parents and teachers, including Beau’s father—a rocker himself—who says, “some dads are soccer dads; I’m a ‘Rocker Dad’.” One of Chase’s teachers, Steven Sacco, called Chase a “remarkable talent with a command of rhythm far beyond anything expected” from a person so young. Sacco booked Athens for two fundraiser Concerts for Kids, calling the band “polished” and “an exceptional act.”

In addition to their inner support circle, the band’s fan-base is exploding like wildfire with each show. The band members are extremely dedicated, spending all their free time watching music being played, listening to music, or making music themselves. They have big dreams about going on tour, playing big arenas and becoming professional musicians. They have jumped right in to the hard work of “making it,” writing, practicing, playing out, meeting with industry professionals, and recording in the studio. With their talents, enthusiasm, and support structure,



Written By: Chase Brown, Beau Anderson, Zak Smith, Walt Sorrow

Verse 1:
It can’t be just sit down and talk
It has to be shut up and walk
We can’t make a decision
We all have opinions
We have no satisfaction
Like jousting knights clashing
It’s hard to hold the hope
On such a slippery slope

These arguments last forever
They never seem to end
They swallow up our time
And no one ever wins

Verse 2:
The feelings come in one then two
Fury’s first, regret is new
Let’s stop and think again
And remember that we’re friends
We know that there’s always tomorrow
Another day another game
We’re gonna have to trust
It just won’t get to us

Chorus X 2


Chorus X 2

She Don't Even Know

Written By: Chase Brown, Beau Anderson, Zak Smith, Walt Sorrow, Nina Baldridge

Verse 1:
The cat’s never got my tongue
I’m never at a loss
My mouth just runs
Then she comes around my way
I see her face, I don’t know what to say

Chorus 1:
I’m in love
She don’t even know
Oh no

Verse 2:
Never seen a girl like her
I build myself up
Then I lose my nerve
She’s everything and so much more
I’ve got to make her see like never before
Then she turns her eyes my way
I’m paralyzed, I got nothing to say

Chorus 2:
I’m in love
She don’t even know
She don’t even know
Oh no
I’m in love
She don’t even know
She don’t even know
Oh no
She don’t even know

Bridge / Lead

Chorus 2


Written By: Chase Brown, Beau Anderson, Zak Smith, Walt Sorrow

Verse 1:
(spoken) Listen Pal
I can’t hear myself think
Just your voice tease and nag
I’m doing the best I can
So why don’t you get off my back

Stop annoying me
Stop annoying me
I’ve got some good advice
Here it is, Get a life
Stop annoying me

Verse 2:
Do I really bother you
Or is it just your fear
You really need some help
Go look in the mirror
You may not like what you see
Staring back at you
The problem here is not with me
The problem is with you


Your friends are fed up to
They don’t want to hang with you
Now you’re walking in my shoes
Now the jokes on you, on you

(frustrated growl)
(spoken) This dude is driving me crazy
Oh no, here he comes again



Athens (2009)

Set List

"TNT" (cover); "Fly Me Courageous" (cover); "Arguments" (original); "Annoying" (original); "She Don't Even Know" (original); "Roll On" (original); "Legend in His Own Mind" (original); "Rock n Roll" (cover); "When I Come Around" (cover)