The Atkinsons

The Atkinsons

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

Roots Rock from Richmond, VA


The Atkinsons

It was the Fall of 2003 when The Atkinsons first set foot on Richmond, VA stages. What started out as a small acoustic outfit turned into a band that took on a life of its own. The Atkinsons meld roots, country, mountain and rock music into their own style of rambling swing rock & roll. Heartfelt story-telling is at the core of The Atkinsons, and it is complemented with three-part harmonies layered over mandolin, fiddle, drums, bass and electric guitars. With influences ranging from Old 97s to Green Day to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to Drive By Truckers, the sound ends up being quite a musical stew.

The Atkinsons have been performing regularly each month in the Richmond area and have enjoyed a great following of ATK fans. Along with playing their originals, The Atkinsons aim to please by adding many fun, toe-tapping cover songs to their set list. Audiences love their versions of select songs from Old Crow Medicine Show, Old 97’s, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, AC/DC, Social Distortion, The Waterboys and the Rolling Stones.

The band has played many venues in and around Richmond including The National, The Hat Factory, Capital Ale House, Ashland Coffee & Tea, The Canal Club and many more. They've also played at many festivals and events including Floydfest, Camp Barefoot, World Beer Festival, St. Patrick's Church Irish Festival, Crozet Music Festival, and the annual Carytown Watermelon Festival.

They have been honored to share the stage with many great bands such as The Departed, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Scott Miller and the Commonwealth, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Sons of Bill and many others.



Written By: The Atkinsons

It was a sticky summer night –
one not unlike we always have until the fall.

The moon was high up in the sky – the wheat was still – there was no wind at all.

From a rental house there came a sound so loud as if to try and cut the night.

There was a neighbor on the telephone – and a boy trying not to cry.

The boy stood and watched his daddy as he yelled and cursed across the yard.

Then he stood and watched the police put his momma screaming in their car.

They put the handcuffs on and in their cruiser went and took her off to jail.

His daddy on the front porch with his middle finger bid her farewell.

Caroline –
don’t know how you do it

Caroline –
you put your worst into it

Caroline –
I’ve been to where you go but
I’m a stranger to your road

His daddy came inside and said, “Get to your room and get on in the bed.

Don’t worry try to sleep tonight – your momma ain’t right in the head.”

The boy lay wide awake – too tired to cry – too scared to even sleep a wink.

His daddy spent the night with cable TV, cigarettes, and fixing drinks.

All through the night she’d kick and fight and even tried to spit on the guards.

You’d think by then the liquor in her wouldn’t still be hitting so hard – hitting so hard.

There was a time when I was young – when I was just a little boy too.

My mom was not the best at choosing men to try and fill a daddy’s shoe.

I watched the child grow up and now a man is where a little boy stood.

I watched a woman try her worst and still despite herself she did some good.


Water Town

Written By: The Atkinsons

Waking up and taking in the morning before the sun - before the sun

Standing looking out over the mooring - the day's begun - the day's begun

I packed my lunch for school and helped daddy with his tools
We have to hurry cause he's not foolin'

You know we have to stop for fueling 'cause we have none - no we have none

No wake on the waterway
Go straight on into the bay
Stand port comin' round

Laboring and sometimes misbehaving filled my money jar - my money jar

I took the cash that I'd been saving and I bought a car - I bought a car

At school I did my learning - at night my wheels burning
And had my share of filling backseat yearnings

Just another page is turning - so there you are - there you are

One day bleeds into another in this watertown - this watertown

Had a fling and with a ring I married a wedding gown - a wedding gown

Soon after graduation - no time for meditation - I simply stepped into my dad's vocation

I hope it needs no explanation - I'm harbor bound - I'm harbor bound


The Atkinsons - "Mile Marker" 2011
The Atkinsons - "American Gothic" 2007
The Atkinsons - self titled EP

Set List

"Water Town"
"Out of Time"
"No Ordinary Home"
"I Love Everything"
"You Could Go"
"Lyin and Honesty"
"Don't Come Back To Richmond"
"Forever Wanting You"
"Headed Down the Road"
"The Letters"
"Wanted Her To Go"
"Alone With You"
"Best Thing"
"Move Along"
"Part of Me"

"Fisherman's Blues" - THE WATERBOYS
"Her Mind's On Other Things" - ALLEN THOMPSON
"Amtrak Crescent" - SCOTT MILLER
"The One I Love" - REM
"I Am The Walrus" - THE BEATLES
"Straight to Hell" - DRIVIN & CRYIN'
"St. Ignatius" - OLD 97s
"Mary Jane's Last Dance" - TOM PETTY
"504" - OLD 97s
"You Shook Me All Night Long" - AC/DC
"Jagged" - OLD 97S
"Across The Line" - SCOTT MILLER
"Ohio" - C,S,N&Y
"Graveyard Shift" - UNCLE TUPELO
"Dead Flowers" - ROLLING STONES