The Atlas Complex

The Atlas Complex


The Atlas Complex is an alternative rock group that promises to rock your stage and woo your soul! Named because of their ability to push any musical extreme from soft rock, to the new pop rock and punk!


Friends, this is The Atlas Complex from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We were formed in 2009 as an experimental project that erupted with musical talent. We are currently working on a studio album which is due for release in July 2010!

Our objective is to make a crossover music that is diverse in style and can be categorized in many genres.

We believe that there is a lot of "energy" in the world around us - both negative and positive. These energies are created by the situations we face and the connections we make with people. This makes life a “complex" of world proportions. We take any positive or negative experience that we encounter and turn it into a listening experience through music. You can call it indie, folk, funk, r&b, rock, or whatever you want! Whatever you decide, we hope to achieve a better community by spreading our message of peace, through a musical space.

SHAWN – Drummer. Recently married, graduated, and living the dream every day!

KACY – Bass. Kacy is the meaning of “work hard, play hard!”

PHILL - Guitar/Vocals. Teaches guitar by day, and writes songs by night!

REID – Guitar/Vocals. The chameleon of talents that we are fortunate to have on our team!

"We all share the same passion - to make music, and to have fun! We create songs that people can groove to, and blend styles together to make rock that's true to the soul."-PB


Sun Seeker
Windows of Light
Find the Way
Secret Skies
Burn Again
Tight Rope Tip Toe
The Time

Set List

"Burn Again" by the Atlas Complex

"Sun Seeker" by the Atlas Complex

"Drive" by Incubus

"Find the Way" by the Atlas Complex

"Damnit" by Blink 182

"DNA" by the Atlas Complex

"Say it Ain't So" by Weezer

"Tight Rope Tip Toe" by the Atlas Complex

"Georgia" by the Atlas Complex

"Windows of Light" by the Atlas Complex

"Walking" by the Atlas Complex

A minor improvisation by the Atlas Complex

"The Kids Aren't Alright" by Offspring

"Secret Skies" by the Atlas Complex

and many more!!