The Atmosferics

The Atmosferics


Get ready to move! The Atmosferics takes a touch of jazz, a sprinkle of blues and a heap of rock and funk to create an energy-filled journey that pushes musical boundaries to their funky and grooving limits.


The harmonic blend of electric guitar, saxophone, keyboards, bass and drums creates a jamming journey that stretches the limits of improvisation.

The New York Metro band is comprised of Kevin Hildebrandt on electric guitar, Robby Seibert on tenor/alto saxophone/keyboards, Alex Blitz on bass, Lee Irwin playing drums.

The band's musical roots stretch far and wide, drawing from a deep pool of influences that range from the sounds of classic rockers like Bob Dylan, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to the improvisational nether-regions of The Grateful Dead, Phish and Miles Davis' electric period.

Their mastery of combining such popular genres into a unique musical style has led to a growing fan base that appreciates powerful musical energy and grooves that play on and repeat in your head long after the amps have been unplugged.

Hildebrandt's passionate guitar licks and gritty vocals coupled with Seibert's smooth, sexy sax lines provide a powerful improvisational punch. Irwin's rapid energy beats and Alex Blitz's relentless grooves provide a rhythm section that ranks among the best.

Set lists are often eclectic, comprising mostly original tunes that are drawn from a number of funk styles with often introspective and off-beat lyrics. The dynamic medley “My Jubilee/Metatron,” fuses rock, funk and disco that gets the crowd dancing to a biblical story of God’s messenger, while the eerily-grooving rock samba “Half Ton Man,” touches on the metaphysical transformation of losing weight. The instrumental "Gutter" lives true to the raw funk and spatial groove that could only be influenced by the New Orleans funk scene.

The Atmosferics reunites Seibert and Hildebrandt, who played together at Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester.

While the Atmosferics can be usually be found rocking out New Brunswick hotspots like the Old Bay and Marita’s Cantina; or jamming with other New Jersey rock bands through PhanPhest Entertainment at such Jersey shore legendary venues like The Stone Pony and The Saint.

The group has also opened for Keller Williams, Stanton Moore Trio and Bobby Previte’s “Coalition of the Willing,” featuring Charlie Hunter, at The Knitting Factory in New York City. They have also played on the stages at The Crossroads, Garwood, NJ; Donegal’s Saloon, Kearny, NJ; and The Lions Den and The Bitter End in New York City.

The group currently has its debut self-titled album “The Atmosferics” for sale through the web or at shows.

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The Atmosferics - EP

Set List

Set lists range between one and two hours and usually include the following songs (in no particular order):

• Little Hours (available for download)
• Defy the Times
• Half Ton Man
• Gutter
• Ghetto Frog
• Talkin Loud and Sayin Nothin -> Cissy Strut
• High Time on the Skyride
• Done in By the EE
• Eyes of the World
• My Jubilee->Metatron