The Atomic Forces

The Atomic Forces


low fi power pop


The Atomic Forces are a psychedelic country punk band from Ithaca, N.Y. led by songwriter Park Doing. The Forces pump out dynamic numbers that have drawn comparisons to the Ramones, the Minutemen and the Violent Femmes. Park cites as his major influences Woody Guthrie and Irving Berlin. The songs are about dwarves, numbers, eyes, pies, and customer satisfaction.The Atomic Forces first record, ‘Lost in the Transfer’ was released on Dec. 15, 2001 and chosen by The Ithaca Journal as the best rock CD of the year for 2001. Our second record, 'Stars Don't Fade' was chosen by the Ithaca Journal as best Rock CD of the year for 2002. Our third record, 'Americum 243', was described as 'brilliant lo-fi power pop' by Buzz magazine. Recent tour dates with Guided by Voices (New York, Cleveland) galvanized the Forces' cosmic wunderlust.

‘Lost in the Transfer’ was listed by Koch records recording artist Johnny Dowd as the best CD of 2001 (The Ithaca Journal)

The Forces second record, ‘Stars Don’t Fade’, was released in February 2003 and was produced by Koch records recording artist Johnny Dowd. Guided By Voices psychic pilot, and Matador Records recording artist, Robert Pollard declared ‘Starts Don’t Fade' a “damn good record.”


Lost in the Transfer - 2001
Stars Don't Fade - 2003
Dwarves in Our Dreams - 2004

Set List

Usually a pretty high energy 30-50 minute blast of all-originals (perhaps the occasiona cover of Bruce Sprinsteen or Graham Parsons).

Negative Boy
I neeed a Crane
New Rock Candle 2
The Names Change (But the Game stays the Same)
Lost in the Transfer
Guy With a Theory
Dwarves in my Dreams
700 not 609
Aitn Allright
State Trooper