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"The Atomic Square at the Khyber"

"Their music is engaging and well-constructed rock music that taps more into your subconscious than your active listening. You can listen to The Atomic Square's music and not really pay attention to the words and you'll still be able to tell, to feel, what the songs are about."

- Phillylist Playlist: Ross Currie

" takes a big heart of every musician to put such passion in their work of music"

Every great band in the world started of independently and eventually will sew their name in the industry. Though, to make everything fall into the right place, it takes a big heart of every musician to put such passion in their work of music composing, recording, mastering and such to deliver the best of them to those of the worthy listeners. And after all jobs are done, the piece is finally panelized based on both the quality in music composition and sound engineering. It is by this that we could identify whether one is from an independent scene or so, by its 'quality'.

Here's Tom Ryan who has been the current front man of The Atomic Square who hails from the States. Outfitted to be an independent experimental-indie-rock band, The Atomic Square has caught my attention through their quality of music making. I just can't believe that we fellow Malaysians haven't heard them at all on radios or so. If I were to describe the sound, then it'd be the mix elements of Explosions in the Sky who has a vocalist. Imagine the beautiful music paired with lyrical form that we can sing to. Brilliant! I personally think that this is way better for universal listeners out there as the music has stronger composition on attacks and is very catchy. Just the perfect formula to sweep people's leg. Uncomplicated words made them better when you can catch the words here and there by listening for once. It hooks you up. As for me, I'll go for the 'Are You Ready' track to be on the top of my current favorite. Just my cup of tea!

The Atomic Square now has three albums in their listing with several pieces of material still under recordings which is said to be the best of them. As for now, tracks from the Atomic Square can be listen to via their site at Any further notification of music and downloads will be updated in the future.

So, now take your time to sit back, relax and enjoy The Atomic Square.
Peace. - Eugene Matthew (Malaysia)


TwentyTen EP (AUG 2010)

After It's All Said & Done (2009)

- Track 01: 60 Seconds
Radio airplay (Radio 104.5, 93.7 STW, 88.5 WXPN)
- Track 05: Long Way Home
Radio airplay (Radio 104.5, 93.3 WMMR, 88.5 Y-Rock)

The Rise (2009)
- Track 02: Close Your Eyes
Radio airplay (93.3 WMMR)
Soundtracked for Haiti Benefit Video (by 95.7 BenFM)

The Fall (2009)

hibernate (2008)

All music is streaming free at



Incorporating elements of experimental rock, indie pop and shoegaze, the Atomic Square is a four-piece indie rock band from Philadelphia. Drawing from a variety of influences, the Square delivers a familiar, yet inventive sound. Both radio-friendly and experimental, their music will satisfy fans of many genres as it flows from song to song, keeping listeners tuned-in and engaged. From snappy indie pop hits to cinematic-worthy post rock compositions, the Atomic Square provides a refreshing experience, intriguing listeners to wonder: “What’s next?”

Founded in summer of 2007 by Tom Ryan, the Atomic Square has evolved through a cast of members before finding the band they are today. With the help of Tom's brother, roommate and friends, the band had written and recorded three EPs within one year, all done at Gradwell House Recording Studio with friend Steve Poponi. Although the majority of the music was instrumental and very post-rock influenced, they began experimenting with all sorts of genres including adding vocals and indie pop tendencies. In the fall of 2008, the debut album, 'hibernate', was released and the band began performing live - starting with a Northeastern tour.

In the winter of 2009 a sort of fusion occurred as the Atomic Square was billed on the same night as singer Ete AhPing. The band was blown away by Ete's performance and range. Within one week, they had joined forces and got to work immediately. The band had currently been in the process of recording 'The Rise' ep, so Ete was in Gradwell House laying down vocals only a few short weeks after joining. They have since completed a full-length album titled 'After It's All Said & Done' and continue to move forward writing, touring and pursuing their dream in hopes of offering listeners what they share with each other, the passion and love for the music.