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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
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"Article on Stranger Places, Greater Things"

I find it peculiar that dreams, both voluntary and involuntary reveries, are a connecting factor to the world of surrealism and current realities. At times, these dreams often even become a reality. Yet, more often than not, dreams fade away into the oblivion of memories, never quite fully accomplished. In their newest EP entitled Stranger Places, Greater Things, Theatre Breaks Loose musically toys with ideas relating to dreams; this inclusive of memories, dreams that were never produced through action, and the overall pursuit of visionary calls. In this sense, Theatre Breaks Loose acts as a medium in lieu of the aforementioned alternative worlds, physically living out the dreams they have cherished. Stranger Places, Greater Things is indeed a dream come true for these musical actors, as is evidenced in this interview.

What is the story behind the name “Theatre Breaks Loose”?

BRANDON Lovelace: While looking for potential band names we somehow found ourselves in the archives of television, more specifically we were staring at a 1954 T.V. program guide. Some of the old TV shows had great names that we could have settled on, but once we looked at the fine print we saw the actual episode names, and from that we got Theatre Breaks Loose.

With Buried Alive being a very intimate and personal song, can you describe some experiences that have influenced the lyrics within it?

MATT Toney: “Before my grandfather passed away he was the preacher of a small town church in Ohio. When looking through his bible with my grandmother we discovered a single sentence inked on the page, it simply asked, “What do you do when your dreams are gone?” I started writing Buried Alive based on that. The song is about the feelings I hold towards music in this season of my life and realizing that everything I’ve hoped and dreamed for may not be what I had originally thought.”

What are some topics you focus on in this EP and why?

BRANDON Lovelace: We want people to understand that dreams should never be forgotten or discarded no matter how unachievable the world makes them out to be. We are told from celebrities that you can be anything your heart desires, but it seems like the only encouragement comes from the people who have already achieved their personal goal. We are nowhere near celebrity status in fact this entire album has many hints of struggle and sacrifice in order to continue chasing what we feel called to do. In many ways this album focuses on achieving the unachievable, and it is a constant reminder to continually believe in what are you are doing.

What are some of the dynamics of the band? For example, what is the purpose in using trade-off vocals?

BRANDON Lovelace: We feel like trading off vocals when necessary is an incredible tool that not many bands are able to take advantage of. With 2 completely different voices we can really dive deep and make sure the lyrics are being translated in the best light.

We are absolutely a team and there is not a better describing word. Every member is just as important as the next, so much so that if just one left, the entire band would be out of whack. Everyone contributes in such a vital and different way. We love what we get to do and we can’t imagine sharing the stage and workload with anyone else.

What do the musical/lyrical writing processes look like?

CLAY: Matt or I will bring a song to rehearsal and we all will play around with ideas until we collectively make it a “Theatre Breaks Loose” song. As for our songs that rely heavily on piano to carry the track, Brandon or Matt hash out the idea and the same process as stated before begins. Matt and Brandon handle the lyrics under the same process.

What is your perception of God and love, especially within the context of the song and title “Stranger Places, Greater Things”?

BRANDON Lovelace: We are tired of monotony, we want something new and different. We indeed will go to stranger places in an attempt to create and give greater things. Our perception of God and love really are one in the same. Separating the two is extremely difficult because without one, the other would never exist.

What are your future plans after the release of the EP?

BRANDON Lovelace: We really wish we could talk about it, but we can’t. It’s not as much hush-hush as it is just completely wide open. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded with incredible people who push us every day. The beauty of the situation is that we are leaving doors open everywhere we go. We have received several tour options for the upcoming months and we are trying to settle on something, but what’s important is that Theatre Breaks Loose will be doing something and not nothing. We are excited to see what the future holds. - Hopecore

"Stranger Places, Greater Things Review"

Stranger Places, Greater Things, Theatre Breaks Loose newest EP, has all of the elements you would expect from a pop punk outfit; driving beats, chorus-like bridges, melodic keyboard and emotional lyrics. Yet somehow, Theatre Breaks Loose makes the sometimes redundant pop punk genre interesting by experimenting with trade-off vocals, multiplying melodies, and a complimenting yet not overbearing accompaniment. Particularly, the trade-off vocal stylings are comparative to those of The Almost and Say Anything. “Costa Rica” is one of the more playful songs on the EP while “Stranger Places, Greater Things” summarizes the emotion behind this EP. One element that can be appreciated is how genuine this band can actually be; that seems to be the connecting factor between audience and musician. – JL - Hopecore

"Stranger Places, Greater Things Review"

Straight out of Oklahoma, Theatre Breaks Loose is set to release their EP Stranger Places, Greater Things in the upcoming weeks, and I was lucky enough to get a hold of the 6 song album recently. At first listen, the EP was reminiscent of Mayday Parade without the greatly contrasting vocal pitches. Still, the band has a unique identity and produces some quality tracks.

Theatre Breaks Loose mentioned how this album encompasses some of the best songs they’ve ever written, and this is the absolute truth. Passion and emotion oozes from each track, and while the vocals may teeter on being querulous at times, they never quite reach that point. “Buried Alive,” the wonderfully crafted piano ballad, exemplifies this emotion to a tee.

Stranger Places, Greater Things clocks in at about 20 minutes, and although that is already quite short, time seems to fly by even faster while listening. After a couple of run-throughs, one can tell the effort and time that was put into every song; each with its own style, melody, and message. The last song on the album and the title track, gives a sense of where this band is headed, and it is definitely in the right direction. - F*ck Your Scenes

"The Way This Works Review"

Sound: The sound on this record is typical power-pop. A sweet drum beat behind two guitars and a bass. But what I enjoy most about the sounds of this album is the harmonizing between the two singers. The trade off lines in "1996" are so well done it's stupid. The guitars range from a nice mellow rhythm to a blazing guitar solo. The drums are quite infectious and definitely make you want to get clapping and dancing around. The track "See Me Through" (the lone piano ballad on the record) is a song you can't get out of your head no matter how hard you try. (in a good way though) // 10

Lyrics and Singing: Oh, boy. Where do I start? The catchy chorus'? The lines that you won't forget even though you've tried to? I would say that these lyrics are as catchy as any Beatles song. Not an exaggeration. I find myself thinking about these lyrics even in the middle of conversation. If anyone can write a hook, it is these guys. By the time the second chorus comes around (unless you have short term memory) you WILL know the words.

(Oh you know so well/
The way this works/
But you're not that clever/
You always have to have the final words/
It could go on forever)

Another thing that got me was how these lyrics and songs are inter-connected, you just have to listen for it. // 10

Impression: I would say that this album is better than any power-pop album I've heard in the last 10 years. Every song on this album is a standout. From the opening track "For the Record" to the closing track "You and I". I love that this album is so catchy and you find yourself rooting for this band, even if you've never heard of them before. The CD feels a lot like a live performance (not to say the sound quality is bad) simply I feel they are preforming right in front of me. I can FEEL the energy. The only complaint I have about this album is, it's only seven tracks. Just when your ready for more, the ride is over. But I can't complain too much because the thing has been in my CD play for about a year now.

Trust me. Take a listen to this band and you just may have found your new favorite. - Ultimate Guitar

"Christian Music Zine Review"

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

There is something comforting in recognition. In a life where we make choices from moment to moment where we don’t know very much about what might be around the corner, it is nice to see a familiar face, to sense an aroma that brings us back to a wonderful time or in this case a sound that just fits in so well with great bands of a genre. Theatre Breaks Loose is releasing their latest album, Stranger Places, Greater Things and it puts them in great company.

This pop rock band from Oklahoma is so much more than that box would push them into, with elements of pop punk and alternative rock mixed in it, it would be easy to compare them to notable bands such as The Almost, Relient K, The Classic Crime, Acceptance or The Rocket Summer, but the one that does them the most justice is Lakes, with their refreshing and relaxing tones that can make someone feel like they’re chilling on a nice Summer day.

Never pushing or striving to make this EP more than it should be, Stranger Places, Greater Things is a consistent piece of art, though the most memorable songs are toward the latter end of the production. “Costa Rica” is an intense song dedicated to the beauty of love and marriage. Then there’s the title track, “Stranger Places, Greater Things”, a complicated and intricate look at the effects of God’s work in our lives and how we are all in it together.

It can be difficult sifting through all the independent releases from bands that make good music, but haven’t put their name on a label we are familiar with to date. Let me make it easy for you and recommend that you take a listen to Theatre Breaks Loose if you’re into any of the other bands I mentioned earlier in this review, you might find something new that you like.

Score: 4/5 - Christian Music Zine

"Oklahoma Gazette Article"

Growing up is always hard, but Oklahoma City pop act Theatre Breaks Loose is embracing the pain. The still-young band made its mark with glossy tracks about girls anchored with computer loops and Auto-Tune, but as it — and its crowds — have aged, the decision was made to ditch the backing tracks for something more authentic.

“Our new CD, we said, ‘Absolutely no.’ Our lyrics are vulnerable, upfront and open about who we are … the music needed to reflect that. The bells and whistles don’t have to be there,” guitarist/vocalist Matt Toney said. “I started to realize the downfall of following a strictly pop pattern. It became, ‘Let’s write what we want to write.’ Those crazy beats in the background were just taking away from the simplicity of what we were doing.”

Born from the ashes of two hardcore groups, the band reformulated last year when guitarist Clay Call and bassist Jared Fatkin (formerly of The Taking State) joined Toney, front man Brandon Lovelace and drummer Zach Dumbleton.

“Our first legitimate band fight was about time travel,” Toney said. “We came close to ending the band right then and there.”

Added Call, “It’s my belief that we could have gone back in time and fixed it, though.”

Call’s songwriting hand and the band’s general will to move onward and upward brought them closer to a Third Eye Blind sound, maturing without ditching what attracted fans in the first place.

“It is right where we need to be,” Lovelace said. “The path Clay and Jared took us on is where we needed to go to continue being successful and happy with what we were doing.”

Theatre Breaks Loose’s newest, “Stranger Places, Greater Things,” reflects that while mulling topics deeper than heartbreak.

“This album fell into our lap,” Lovelace said. “It came out with the theme of believing in yourself and doing what you were called to do and never giving up.”

A successful Kickstarter campaign later, the disc will be released nationwide Tuesday, but available for early purchase Saturday at The Conservatory. Touring is in the works, so hopefully, “Stranger Places, Greater Things” has the guys going there and doing that.

“It’s us being who we are, as opposed to being who we are told we need to be to make it … whatever ‘making it’ even means,” Toney said. “At first, making it was having a physical CD.”

Added Lovelace, “And we made it, and now we are doing it again.” - Oklahoma Gazette

"Indie Vision Music Album Review"

Let me start out by saying pop punk is a genre that has been virtually dead to me since the classic days of Relient K. As the lovably fun boys from Ohio grew into men and released the more rock oriented “Mmhmm”, I grew up and out of the pop punk trend as well. Since then, I have practically avoided the genre like the plague. I have to say though, the 5 piece Theatre Breaks Loose may be the just what I needed to resurrect my interest in pop punk.

Right from the gates, Theatre Breaks Loose cranks up the energy as Mr. Nice Guy has the listener instantly tapping their toes and grinning like a fool. The Oklahoma City natives use just about every element expected to be found in the arsenal of a standard pop punk group. You have powerful, slightly crunchy guitars, driving bass and upbeat drums. Heck, they even have playful synths to provide a fun touch to the over all sound. What I did not expect though was the use of trade of vocals. Now, I’ll let you in on a secret. Ever since Emery released “The Weak’s End”, I have been a sucker for dueling vocals. Needless to say, Theatre Breaks Loose instantly won my heart when I heard two pairs of distinctly different and strong vocals. Songs like Distance really see the benefit of trade off vocals as the two singers take turns after nearly every line. I can imagine this song will be an instant fan favorite at live shows as out of breath fans desperately try to sing both vocalists parts.

The Birds and the Bees was a track that instantly struck me as my favorite. The apparent playful lyrics and over-all bubbly sound won my heart. As the chorus says, “I’m floating so carelessly/ Along with the birds and the bees”, I can just imagine myself floating on a cloud in a far off dream land. To me, this is the epitome of pop punk.

While the majority of songs have lighthearted lyrics the album closer, Buried Alive is a solemn ballad. From what I could find online, the song is about a single note written in a member’s deceased grandfather’s bible. The note asked, “What do you do when your dreams are gone?”. With a song based on a thought that concept it goes without saying, it is a very personal and thoughtful song. The backbone of this song is a single piano and some light strings, letting the listener truly focus on the spectacular vocal performance and the lyrics that flow from the mouths of the vocalists. This unexpected, serious side of Theatre Breaks Loose shows the band is well rounded and possesses maturity beyond their years.

Although I enjoyed “Stranger Places, Greater Things” immensely, there were a few things I think could be made better. While the simplicity of the songs are refreshing and easy to listen to, I felt that Theatre Breaks Loose could benefit from adding a little more complexity to their music. Be it by mixing up the song structure a little more as opposed to verse/chorus/verse/chorus or by adding a few more sections like the well executed House of Heroes esque guitar solo in Distance.

Overall: Aside from my minor complaint about the simplicity in their songs, Theatre Breaks Loose have won me over and renewed my interest in pop punk with the release of “Stranger Places, Greater Things”. The dueling vocals and overall fun feel of this cd were more than enough to gain my attention and keep my interest in this talented, young band. Expect to hear more from these guys in the future. RIYL: The Almost, Say Anything, The Rocket Summer - INDIEVISIONMUSIC.COM

"Alternative Press Article"

Check out an exclusive stream of Theatre Breaks Loose's "Birds And The Bees," which is on their forthcoming album, Stranger Places, Greater Things, due November 15. Says frontman Brandon Lovelace of the song:

"This song was inspired by Plato's 'The Allegory of the Cave.' It covers the belief that following dreams and pursuing gifts is more important than following the norms of society that often hinder people from living to their full potential. More personally, the majority of the lyrics pertain to following a career in music as opposed to attending a university for a college education."

- Alternative Press

"Substream Music Press Article on Stranger Places, Greater Things"

Drawing comparisons largely to the late great Acceptance, Oklahoma’s THEATRE BREAKS LOOSE is ready to fill the gap with their new glimpse into all things personal and illuminating with their EP Stranger Places, Greater Things, coming November 15th. THEATRE BREAKS LOOSE isn’t your typical pop with heart outfit. The six song EP, tracked in record time with producer Kevin Gates (Never Shout Never, The Ready Set) in Springfield, MO., comes on the heels of massive online buzz surrounding the band’s inaugural EP The Way This Works selling over 3,000 copies as an independent release. Having toured extensively with the likes of The Higher and Runner Runner, Theatre Breaks Loose is ready to break that next barrier. Stranger Places, Greater Things is a beautiful continuation of catchy sound and introspective lyrics that truly come from the most soulful places within. The album is permeated with personal stories of love, faith and what it means to actually follow your dreams, even when everyone around you may disagree. Stranger Places, Greater Things will be available November 15th. - SUBSTREAMMUSICPRESS.COM

"Q and A with Theatre Breaks Loose"

How would you describe your music?
We would call our music fun, energetic, and most of all catchy. It is incredible to be on tour and see kids who have never heard of you being able to sing along to our songs during the second chorus.

What are your plans and goals for 2010?
First and foremost our plan is to stay active, to be constantly doing something, whether its touring, recording, writing, or networking. This band is not just a weekend get together, this is our lives and our main goal is and always has been to share what we have created with as many people as possible, creating friends, and good memories along the way.

Visit to hear the band's tunes and leave us a comment with your opinion. - Substream Magazine


The Way This Works - 2009
Stranger Places, Greater Things - 2011



Theatre Breaks Loose was formed by Brandon Lovelace, Matt Toney and Zach Dumbleton in the Winter of 2008 with the goal to create infectious pop rock songs. A far cry from their previous projects.

The Way This Works was released in May of 2009 and had the band hitting the road, coast to coast from 2009 to all of 2010 with bands such as The Higher, Runner Runner, Asteria, Between The Tress, School Boy Humor, and other like minded groups. In spring of 2010 after extensive searching they recruited Clay Call and Jared Fatkin from the then defunct Oklahoma City band, The Taking State.

With two new members the band spent the next several months writing and testing out new songs on the road, ultimately settling down in the fall of 2010 to write and plan for a new record. that December the band entered the studio with Kevin Gates of Engaged Audio with a batch of fresh songs that they felt best showcases their new sound.

Stranger Places, Greater Things is set to be released in november of 2011. The songs on this album reflect the individual growth that had taken place within the band.It includes 6 of the best songs we have ever written, and 6 of the most honest tracks we have ever recorded. It was written from the parts of ourselves that we rarely let people see. And while we know that you will respect it, we pray that it will catch you the same way it did us, and maybe even make you think about your future and what great things you are destined to do.