The Attempt

The Attempt

 Hicksville, New York, USA

A band fueled by passion & the strive to achieve all that their musical souls will allow, The Attempt is a modern alternative band whose sound ranges from early deftones & thrice to hardcore outfits such as boy sets fire and throw in progressive and pop touches of Coheed and Saves the day for flavor


Originating as far back as 1997, then known as the Free Refills, The Attempt finds themselves a matured band whose harnessed their sound and redefines their approach to alternative rock. From their many varied influences such as Boysetsfire, Thrice, Saves The Day, Vision Of Disorder, Coheed and Cambria, AFI, Led Zeppelin, KISS, HIM, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Thursday, A Day To Remember, Eighteen Visions, New Found Glory, Madball and E-town Concrete... one could only imagine the product of such an eclectically influenced band. The result is refined, solid and crisp alternative rock of which peaks your interest and satisfies your quest for new sounds.


Psalms For The Broken - 2005
The Suspension E.P. - 2009
Reliving The Nightmare - 2011

Set List

The Silence Before The Scream
The Allure
Silhouettes In Sunlight
Always and Never
(piano interlude)
Lay to Ash the Memories
(rocky intro)
Papercuts And Salted Wounds