The Attic

The Attic


Rock and Roll Music made in Seattle, WA


The Attic started in 2002, when singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Janis started sharing music with bassist Alex Kulik and drummer Eric Kaplan. Starting with a natural feel and respect for one another, they slowly built up a repertoire of covers and original songs by Jeff. The arrangements focus on the interplay between the instruments, rather than any particular voice taking the lead. As a band, they seek to fill out the songs to form a cohesive whole. The result is larger than the sum of its parts.

Their self-titled five song debut EP was released February 2006. Many thanks for your time; the members of The Attic hope you enjoy the music...


The Attic EP (self-released)

Set List

Currently performing 1-2 hour sets of mostly original music, peppered with covers for good measure