BandHip HopNew Age

"Under the influence of negativity, one is often compounded, seeing only what he is unable to achieve or implement.
Dreams that once became progress now turned impossible, almost non-existent".


About [the]?tticGenesis:

[the]AtticGenesis aims to deliver a diverse array of talents in Music and Visual Arts.

After thorough self-development since their humble beginnings in 2007 as
TheAyeGame, the team has explored newer methods to further themselves,
first on personal a level then collectively as a group, so as to reformat the
identity of their craft and forging a new, more impactful impression on others.
Venturing deeper into the complex medium of conveying ideas and interpreting them
the way they know best, TheAtticGenesis is set on fabricating
their edgy signature sound and conceptual art pieces into an assembly of
creative expressions that they wish to share with the rest of the world.


- Released a Mixtape album Hardcourt back in 2010.
-One of the songs in the album "Green Goblin", which was originally made famous by Chris Brown, hit over 60 000 views after it was featured on STARFORCEHIPHOP.COM