The Audacity

The Audacity


Four chords and the truth - the ultimate recipe for the greatest songs are forgotten these days. Thankfully, The Audacity's emotional tunes with powerful hooks are keeping the old recipe alive, to move people both physically and emotionally. The destinations are endless - listen and get lifted...


Ky, pop/rock fanatic, spent his early teenage years in Toronto, Canada, living between the two cultures of east and the west. Through his dramatic teenage years, he gained a unique perspective on life which developed his unique approach toward music. After his high school graduation, he pursed his dream of becoming a musician and came to Boston, attending Berklee College of Music. After a long search of faithful bandmates, finally met Corey Devlin from Swampscott, MA. Despite of what's going on in the music industry, we're here to bring you powerful yet truthful tunes for everyone. New recording dates are coming and gigs are on their way. Stay tuned!


Debut EP coming this sumer.

Set List

Sing the night away
Dream away
By the name of love
Hold on to me
But we can
The One

*Set list is subject to change*