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The AudioBodies

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Alternative Soul





A lot of people all like to talk about being free. How many really are doing it? I remember a couple of years ago I wrote a song with a co-writer called What Owns Me. That song was about how chasing your dream can end up owning you and you become a slave. What a weird concept right. It happens every day in America – the land of the free. We’re not so free any more, though that’s beside the point.

I think the price of freedom is the ability to make a choice. To me I’m finding a lot of people don’t like to make a choice. Then they leave things to the last second and feel they’re pressured to make a choice. Even if they don’t make a choice, they’ve made one.

Today’s song by AudioBodies came to my attention recently and I’m in the midst of a very freeing time for myself. Shedding a lot of ‘dead weight’ in my life so to speak. Which means I’m feeling quite free. I really like the slightly out of tune mandolin riff. It’s got a very vibey feel that I’m diggin. It doesn’t hurt that the vocals are really relaxed and smooth in their delivery. Then slowly things get added to be spice inside the arrangement. Plus I really like the name of the group, Audiobodies.

It’s got a simplistic nature to it and I’m really enjoying it. I can easily envision this as a tune to be played around at a BBQ or a campfire or any old group of good friends.

Go get the song and have a free day for yourself! - Jody Whitesides, Single of the Day

""Free" by tHe AuDiOBoDiEs song critique"

“Free” is an instant classic. Lead singer and percussionist, WYME has the ability to grab the attention of any listener with his smooth yet raspy Lenny Kravitz style voice that is no less than enjoyable. With the mid-range tempo, “Free” is the perfect formula for any relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

It was difficult to find anything wrong with this song when it is so well written and performed without a single hitch. The recording was perfectly orchestrated, so remastering would be unnecessary.

As far as music placement from a commercial stand point, my personal assessment is “Free” would be a perfect song for an ending credit scene in a “liberating” major motion picture either as a closing song or perhaps towards the end when the protagonist of the film discovers his or her freedom.

For mainstream radio placement, “Free” could easily make its way up the Top 40 charts of a Pop radio station, including Los Angeles based radio station, KIIS FM or place highly in any national radio station for that matter, also make it in the Top 10 on the Billboard charts.

Overall, the song is a cohesive and a well balanced performance of poetry and creative musicianship.

Where to find tHe AuDiOBoDiEs:
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"The AudioBodies! FREE!!!"

“FREE” is such a cool, easy flowing song that flows well as June Gloom (here in LA) transforms into summer sunshine. WYME‘s smooth vocals and the strings really work well together. tHe AuDiobOdiEs are totally ~D.I.Y. Style~ and are based out of the NYC/NJ music scene.

This song reminds me of another song from the 90's that I can’t place… If you can think of one, please let me know. - MVSW "On The Rise!"


Still working on that hot first release.



The Audiobodies

“Show us you have heart, and we will bare to you our souls,” J. Hacha De Zola (guitar, ukulele, strings).

After years of performing in the New Jersey/New York City music scene, musician J. Hacha De Zola met vocalist Wyme (pronounced "Why-Me") in a small subterranean music venue, below a grungy Jersey City bar, amid plastic lawn furniture and flickering tea candles. Zola was the house guitarist and Wyme was the featured vocalist/poet of the evening. The pair formed an instant bond as Wyme stepped up to the microphone, and The Audiobodies were born that night.

With energetic performances and spiritually conscious lyrics, The Audiobodies combine Wyme’s smooth Terrance Trent D’Arby-esq vocals and harmonies with Zola’s alt-rock guitar style. The result is urban world music with tinges of psychedelic rock and soul.

Already capturing the attention of several legendary musicians, “Free,” their first single, features world-renowned percussionist Bashiri Johnson. Abiodun Oyewole, spoken word legend and co-founder of the Hip hop pioneering group, The Last Poets, is featured on their song "So Cold".

The Audiobodies have digitally released their debut EP "I am because You are" in the spring of 2012. The EP was produced by Eshy Gazit (The Roots, Julian Casablancas, Dangermouse) and recorded at the legendary Cutting Room Studios in New York City.

Michael J of The Great Unknown Music Expose called “Free” an “instant classic” that “could easily make its way up the Top 40 charts of a Pop radio station.”

Active in many local non-profits, The Audiobodies were recently honored by the Jersey City Peace Movement for their contributions to the local community. The group was also asked to perform at a Stop the Violence rally in Newburgh NY, where violence, particularly among youth, has plagued the city for years.

“Our activist work is our music,” said Wyme, who in addition to being a musician is also a father, visual artist, volunteer and activist. “We are warriors in the sense that we send out the battle cry true, clear and strong. And when you feel the songs uplift your state of being, there is no doubt a revolutionary feeling is in the air.”

For The Audiobodies, music in itself is a spiritual revolution and a catalyst for change within us. “Above all, it’s about finding home again through music,” said Zola. “It is a redemption of my soul that I can mold and bare to the universe.”

“The most important message we want fans to take away is love of yourself, of the known and of the unknown,” said Wyme.

The Audiobodies are currently booking shows in the New York metro area and beyond.


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