The Audionics

The Audionics

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

We are a four-piece band with guitar, drums, saxophone, & an old school front man on vocals, (no bass guitar). The band fuses elements of Rock, New Classical and World Music, with a dark edge that carries overtones of King Crimson, Morphine and Van Der Graaf Generator, with a touch of Led Zeppelin.


The Players:
Vocals: Leo Gillis II
Saxophone: Sheldon Santamaria
Guitar & Assorted Instruments: Djeto Juncaj
Drums & Percussion: Kerry Gluckman

Veterans of many Detroit bands, Gluckman, Gillis and Juncaj’s list of past & current projects include: Immigrant Suns, Waka Jawaka, Granfalloon, THTX, Catalyst, XD Wei, Walk the Dogma, and CIA to name just a few. Newcomer saxophonist Sheldon Santamaria played with jump blues band “Brass Knuckles” and was also heavily involved in the "New Music Collective" at Wayne State University.

The Instruments & Sound:
The band fuses elements of Rock, New Classical and World music, with a dark edge that carries overtones of King Crimson, Morphine and Van Der Graaf Generator, with a touch of Led Zeppelin.

The big, bottom-end sound created by saxophonist Sheldon Santamaria (playing through an octave divider) provides a sax/bass hybrid, along with help from percussionist Kerry Gluckman, who has modified his kick drum and wide-open floor tom to reinvent the sound provided by a traditional bass player. Added to the percussion mix is cajon, (wooden beat box,) and African talking drum, both run through effects pedals.

Top this off with the lush sounds of guitarist Djeto Juncaj, playing not only guitars but Santoor, (Indian hammered dulcimer), and other assorted stringed instruments, loops and pedals and what you have is something totally surprisingly unique.

Veteran vocalist Leo Gillis II adds the finishing touch with a vocal style somewhere between Roger Daltrey and Bob Dylan, adding a bit of soul & grit to the layers of auditory interplay. (Bonus: he can even play the bass when the mood strikes him.)


Three Minute Opera

Written By: Leo Gillis II

I’ve been
Sittin’ on the front porch
Sippin’ on the moonshine
Drippin’ with the sweat of my brow

I’ve been
Slippin’ out the back door
Trippin’ on the floorboards
Nothin’s gonna save me now

I’ve been talkin’ to my Long Tall Sally, she was in the alley
And she said: now baby, don’t you try to save me
Cuz I got my cravin’s and the devil is due

I’ve been
Ridin’ on a steam train
Cryin’ in the cold rain
Dyin’ to be back in your arms

I’ve been
Racin’ as the clock ticks
Makin’ up a death wish
Fakin’ like I bought the farm

I’ve been talkin to my long dead Granny, it was so uncanny
and she said: Now sonny, don’t you waste your money
Those good-time honeys are the death of you

I disappear and then I’m back for more
She sheds a tear and then she slams the door
I’ve been waitin’ on a fadin’ train
The sound is changin’ but it stays the same

I’ve been
Strummin’ on the git box
Drummin’ on the box tops
Hummin’ me a bluesy song

I’ve been
Hittin’ all the high notes
Spittin’ out the poison
Bitchin’ that she done me wrong

I’ve been talkin’ to my long dead Pappy, he ain’t too happy
He said: Now listen, don’t you waste time pissin’
Up a rope that’s twistin’ in a wicked wind.

I’ve been waitin’ on a fadin’ train
The song is changin’ but remains the same...


I bark at the moon, I stare at the Sun
I pray to the goddess above
I’m fillin’ the room, I’m makin’ a ton
I’m takin’ the one that I love

She’s got what I need, I’m watching her bleed
I’m wondering where the time goes
I’m pullin’ the weeds, I’m plantin’ the seeds
I’m waitin’ til everything grows

I gave her the ring, I gave her the grief
I gave her the shirt from my back
She’s wearin’ the ring, she’s callin’ the priest
She’s swearin’ there’s no turnin’ back

I’m calling the names, I’m fanning the flames
I’m startin’ to think that she knows
Not takin’ the blame, not playin’ the game
I’m goin’ where everything flows


I’ve been
Starin’ in the sunlight
Wearin’ me a trench coat
Carrying a loaded gun
I don’t care if you betray me,
marry me or slay me,
bury me and I’ll be done

I was talkin’ to my long dead Sister
And she said: now mister
I can see you’re saggin’ and your trail is draggin’
Cuz you hitched your wagon to a falling star

I’ll be leavin’ on the evenin’ train
The sound is changin’ but remains the same...

The Madness of Vincent van Gogh

Written By: Leo Gillis II

Beard of flame and eyes of steel
You painted peasant scenes
And when the world became too real
You swallowed reds and greens

The flowers of the Sun become
a yellow harmony
But how on earth were you undone?
Is it so see?

I’ve been Vincent Van Gogh
I’ve been Vincent - oh no!

The Irises they open wide
To greet the burnin’ Sun
And when the Irises have died
The work is finally done

They only bloom a week or two
Their purple is their pride
A lucky few take in the view
And get to see inside

I’ve been Vincent Van Gogh
I’ve been Vincent - oh no!

A fancy suit, a mind astute
you severed half your ear
And gave it to a prostitute
And said “take care my dear”

You ripped the veil
Let in the light
You lit the trail
The Starry Night
Sinner & Saint
Fight in your mind
Bring with your paint
Sight to the blind

Hold Your Breath

Written By: Leo Gillis II

Hold your breath, there’s nothing left, it’s only Death
he’s come to call, he takes us all, you’re gonna fall
You think to cry and wonder why
Hold it fast because nothing lasts

You raise the knife and take a slice it’s only Life
You’ve come to be and think you’re free and suddenly
You wink your eye and say goodbye
You drink the glass, it’s gonna pass


all these years that you been sleeping
oh I hope that you were dreaming
I can hear your heart a beating
but I see that you’ve been bleeding

You hold the note and let it float, it’s in your throat
Ambassador of nothing more, so shut the door
it’s getting cold, the tale is told
You hit the mark and lit the spark

You hold your tongue, the bell is rung, the night is young
You’re steppin’ out, without a doubt, you’re leaving now
you closed the gate and sealed your fate
You turned the key of liberty


You hold your peace and scrape your knees before the priest
You take the vow, you’ll break it now, i don’t know how
A promise made, a friend betrayed
A flowing cape, a great escape

You hold me up and take the cup, I’ve had enough
I played the part and made the art, it’s off the chart
The lines are drawn, the time is gone
We had some laughs, the aftermaths


The Big Note

Written By: Leo Gillis II

I’ve been wakin’ in a cold sweat, shakin’ on a vacant bed of ice
I’ve been breakin’ every promise I made to myself as a sacrifice
I’ve been livin in a dream world, dream time, dream scape every night
I’ve been chased by a face from the past, disappearin’ in the mornin’ light

I’ve been spinnin’ like a gyroscope on a tightrope in the air
I’ve been prayin that they make me Pope, i got no hope, no not a prayer
When you’re dyin’ to be lyin’ to me honey, hit the bottle and I’ll hit the road
All you’re cryin and your sighin’ won’t be buyin you a thing when the store is closed


I break the code - and my head explodes
She lied when she wrote - inside her big note

Facts and figures, they don’t trigger nothin’ bigger from me but a vacant stare
All these numbers are just dumber than a rock, they don’t breathe in the midnight air
Give me love, give me pain, give me sorrow, give me happiness and give me smiles
Give me a break and I’ll take every opportunity to walk a country mile

You’re all alone in a prison of stone that you made for a brave new world
So make the call, break the walls, let em fall, let em tumble down like your curls
A jail break is gonna make you take a good long look at yourself
Give me your hand, understand, that the plan is your freedom from an empty shell


I got a pen, don’t know when, i’m gonna send me a letter to a girl like you
I bought the farm with my charm but my arm is covered with a green tattoo
It’s just a dragon, i’ve been braggin’ that i bagged it from a shaman on the other side
And what he taught me really caught me by surprise when I looked into his eyes

If you’re able to be stable there’s a fable that can teach you all you need to know
There was a tortoise and a rabbit, they were racin’ and the winner took it mighty slow
So if you’re grinnin and you’re winnin at the finish, keep your eyes on the golden prize
Don’t need to hurry, don’t you worry you can make it if you take it in your easy stride


Poison Ring

Written By: Leo Gillis II

I took the poison
from my little pinky ring
i gave you poison
but it didn’t do a thing

my little finger
is big enough for jewels
i point the finger
at all the freakin’ fools

i know it’s rainin’
i hear it on the window pane
so quit complainin’
and come in here out of the rain

my blue umbrella
was torn up in a thunderstorm
broken umbrellas
ain’t never gonna keep you warm


i’ll give you poison
from my little pinky ring
it’s the kind of poison
that’ll make you tell me everything

you hit the bottle
every time you’re feelin’ blue
when you hit bottom
how’s that gonna see you through?

look in the mirror
do you think you see my ghost?
it’s comin’ nearer...
losin’ what you love the most

i found a quarter
dropped it in my piggy bank
i’m just a hoarder
but every check i write is blank

you took my savings
spent it on mercedes benz
you filled your cravings
and never tried to make amends


i can’t forget you
even though i don’t know your name
if i ever catch you
then we’ll see who takes the blame

I know you know karate
that don’t scare me any more
she’s got a better body
and she’s the one that i adore

a life upon the knife edge
it’s gonna cut you down to size
my wife has got a knife edge
and she’s got daggers in her eyes

my king is in his castle
my queen is on her peacock throne
don’t give me any hassle
and i just might leave you... alone

Six Months to Live

Written By: Leo Gillis II

Well the thunder came a crashin’
And the walls came tumblin’ down
And the lightning was a-flashin’
When I finally left town

Well there’s nothing here to hold me
Ain’t nothin’ got a grip
And my mama she done told me
You gotta give that girl the slip

Well my momma’s in the kitchen
And my daddy’s in the grave
And my girl is so bewitchin’
But I got no soul to save

Well I’m walkin’ through the Towers
And the pit bull starts to bark
I’ve been wastin’ precious hours
Like a sundial in the dark

With the wrath of God descending
And the Devil at my heels
Well there is no use pretending
I’ve been spinnin’ all my wheels

Well I can’t get any traction
Til I get out of the mud
And I won’t get Satisfaction
Til I’ve given all my blood

You can have my throne my empire
I got another one in store
I’m gonna build a bigger bonfire
So i can burn what I adore

I got a date with Fate, I’m tryin’
To get my ducks all in a row
I can’t hear my baby’s cryin’
When her tears all start to flow

She was born on Sunday morning
And she died on Monday night
But i ain’t got time for mourning
I don’t want to miss my flight

I got wings, but I’m no angel
I got sins you can’t forgive
I’m a restless rearranger
And I got six months to live

Nothing’s gonna save me now
Nothing’s gonna save me now
Nothing’s gonna save me now
Nothing else, but you


The Audionics have just issued their debut album: The Big Note. Two tracks from this record - 'Three Minute Opera' and 'The Madness of Vincent van Gogh', have received airplay on Detroit satellite radio and college stations in Michigan.

Set List

Our sets generally range from 35 - 45 minutes. A typical set will include two or three instrument changes by the guitarist, and the lead singer playing bass guitar on one or two songs.