The Auditor General

The Auditor General


Melancholy singer songwriter with an upbeat rhythm section and a guitar phenom to grease the wheels. Lyrics that engage the listener with melodies that get stuck in your head for days. It's worth more than just a listen.


The Auditor General started with Jamie Smith writing/recording songs in his bedroom while living "away" in Halifax, N.S. After returning to his hometown of Thunder Bay, ON Smith, bassist Dave Angell and a host of others have concentrated their efforts and now live in a giant Victorian home that they've converted into a recording studio. Look for "Club Anthems for the Slightly Disenfranchised" their debut album in January of 2009. CBC Bandwidth has recently recorded the Auditor General in concert for their program as well as “Canada Live” featured on CBC Radio 2. Smith, Hogan, and Sillman also form 60 per cent of Norris, a tech-metal band that has played with the likes of Converge and Origin to name a few.


Club Anthems for the Slightly Disenfranchised (TBR JAN 2009)
"The Possessed, the Devil, and Demons' and "Glenn Gould was Right" featured on CBC's bandwidth. You can also find additional tracks on CBC Radio 3 and our website

Set List

Typical Set is about 30 to 45 minutes in length.

Glenn Gould was right
The Possessed, the Devils, and Demons
The Ballad of Ron Mexico
Club Anthems for the Slightly Disenfranchised
Rebel Cell Re-Animation
Pour Melanie, Allons-y
Cannibal Corpse
Rocky Racoon