The Augmentors

The Augmentors


The Augmentors’ music blends raw, organic acoustic guitar, passionate female vocals, thoughtful lyrics, melodic classical saxophone, and a dynamic, powerful rhythm section. Their balance of masculine and feminine energies is a rarity in rock. The Augmentors create, intense, driving, energetic music.


The five musicians ~

Torbin Hadlock’s percussive strumming style and haunting, intricate melodies captivate audiences. He has played acoustic rhythm guitar and created songs for 10 years. As the group's main songwriter, he sets the tone and mood of the music, and strives to make each song unique. Some of his songs feature elements of middle eastern or celtic music. He spends many happy hours in an alternate tuning universe.

Annie Corbett brings compelling vocals, memorable melodies, and meaningful lyrics to The Augmentors. Her writing talents surfaced first; she wrote many short stories, poems, and songs over the past decade. Her vivid lyrics cover topics ranging from the natural world to fictional stories to the end of humankind. She sang for fun while strumming her guitar to the stars before formally training her voice. Annie and Torbin met in 2007 and have made music ever since.

Dani Tanzella brings a string-like saxophone sound to the band, along with brooding melody and harmony, and several auxillary instruments. Dani is a classically trained saxophonist who has played for over 18 years. She studied at Northern Arizona University and Florida State University, and recently relocated to Portland from Phoenix, AZ where she founded two small ensembles and ran a private studio for several years.

Marc Bubar was born near the swamps of the Potomac river in the dark time of year. He migrated to this land in search of free spirits and good music. He began playing when a fellow musician left his drums in the apartment one summer. Marc taught himself by playing to hip-hop beats coming through his headphones. He aspires to be free of the 9 to 5 because "you've go to sleep late when you can - and all your bad days will end.” Marc drums to stoke the fires and to keep them flowing through the hands. He points a drumstick at the moon.

Robb Benham is a veteran of the musical scene on both coasts before finding a home with The Augmentors. A respected studio and session player with many recordings and projects under his belt, Robb began his musical career on the bass before branching into guitar in his late teens. When not playing with the Augmentors, Robb works in Portland as a full time bass and guitar instructor with a large student roster.