the august arrival

the august arrival

 Whitehorse, Yukon, CAN

Described as “an original take on Canada’s folk-rock revival”. the august arrival are four friends that pass dark winters in the Yukon writing music. Their acoustic centered songs are poignant and the band takes pride in their intimate & and 'unguarded’ live performances


‘the august arrival’ formed in the spring of 2009. Since then their sound has been described as “an original take on Canada’s folk-rock revival” (Frostbite Festival Producer 2010). Drawing from a wide range of influences, their songs are probably best described as acoustic driven.

They have gained lots of performance experience over the past three years and are really starting to understand what goes in to giving an ‘unguarded’ performance. They have played at: the Frostbite Music Festival, SOS Music Festival (Edmonton, Alberta), the Skagway Alaska International Folk Festival, the Atlin BC Music Festival (2011) and many other venues in and around Whitehorse, Yukon.

They have been fortunate to garner some great local support in the Yukon for both their new EP and for their intimate live shows. They’ve been featured a few times on CBC Radio North and their debut EP was released in May, 2011.

In a review from popular online music blog Grayowl Point it was noted that “the voice of lead singer Sara MacDonald is obviously strong but what really makes her standout is the passion behind her songwriting. The clear emotion expressed throughout the album will set apart MacDonald from other female singer/songwriters.” In the same review, writer Laura Stanley noted that “MacDonald and the rest of the august arrival show their love for music in the EP while the future growth of the band is worth staying tuned for”. They kind of agree, seeing the EP as just a starting point and Sara's emotion is definitely what drives the band, so they're looking forward to trying to 'capture' more of that on their future recordings this winter. Jared Gautier with The Uniter – Winnpeg’s Theyekly had similar comments, recognizing that “EPs are designed to have the influence of an album in a more condensed preview, and this debut of six tracks does just that. Showcasing a positive, raw sound that is sure to catch your attention along with high energy vocals by lead singer Sara MacDonald.... the august arrival is well on their way to newfound fame, or at least your collection… 4 out of 5 stars”

Although, ‘the august arrival’ may not be a name that draws a big dancing crowd to the main stage, they do have a following and could provide some really great intimate live performances in the right venues, aiming for those ‘unguarded’ performances mentioned earlier.


EP - Skyline Goodbyes released in May 2011
Some tracks have received airplay on CBC and local stations.