The Aurora Collide

The Aurora Collide


To be honest, we experiment with a lot of different sounds. We use a lot of synthetic as well as organic sounds. (Form your own opinion from our studio material available on this page.) Major influences (in no order): Jimmy Eat world, Explosions in the Sky, Anberlin, Chiodos, The Mars Volta


The band started with two guys who grew up through grade school on together; Zach and Jared, both wanting to start an upbeat melodic band based on good moral and TRUE Christian belief. Others fell into place for the simple love of life and music. Now we are a group of guys who find that our passion resides in music and other arts (film, photography, etc.). As simple as that.

I feel that we are set apart from other bands due to our wide range of influence from everyone. Not only does each member have their own unique tastes in music, but each member has a wide range in musical taste as well.


We have had a few of our songs under popular demand on our souther regional major radio station. (103.7cir)
"A Greater Meaning"
"Stay Amused"

These three songs have had daily radio air time and are still being played today.

(as well as our local station 102.7)

Set List

Our typical set list can be warped to fit the specific environment (sometimes including an enhanced visual performance).

our set can last from anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour (all original material). We usually don't play cover songs, but we can and have before.