The Autobiography

The Autobiography


The Autobiography is a group of 5 guys looking to play honest music and have a good time.


The Autobiography is a band of 5 guys trying to stir up the format of the scene, and have a good time doing it. Bringing a twin guitar attack, and fusing pop stylings with a brilliant mayhem, these guys appeal to, well, just about everyone. Containing former members of As the flood waters rose, Kill Paradise, Decrepid, and Minus My Thoughts, the Autobiography brings a raw, genuine sound to your ears, a loud ruckus to your town, and a smile to your face. With the age ranging from 18 to 22, and a rapid growing fanbase stretching the united states and beyond, these young guns are ready for action. Opening up for amazing bands in Denver and out on tour like Sherwood, The Rocket Summer, Paramore, Brandtson, Daphne Loves Derby, Waking Ashland, Brightwood, Lightbreak, You in Series, Quiet Drive, June, The Fold, Tokyo Rose, This Providence, Enblessin, Socratic, Coretta Scott, The Clarity Process, and so many more has started the buzz around town which they hope will keep growing and growing. With continuous touring in support of their new ep "cocktails on canvas" , as well as constantly playing their hometown of denver when they are home, these boys are ready to give everything they have.


Cocktails On Canvas EP
The Secret Seasons EP

Set List

We usually play one set of 25-45 minutes.

The Lies We Fight
Walking With Angels
Destroyed By Highlife
The Secrets In Season
Something Like Yours
Rear View Mirror
And 4 or 5 new songs that we rotate to keep it fresh