The auto dropouts

The auto dropouts

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

Twisted pop with classic touch-Beatles aswell as Julian cope, Robyn Hitchcock or XTC - Sad, glad, fast, slow, Serious, Hilarious, Neurotic..............


A band is being formed at this moment. Start rehersal at end of december -07.


Drop the bombs

Written By: Jesper Eriksson

She got over the fence, the fence of years with me, natural and steady, burned my stuff next day.
I'm still in my chamber, trying to be heald, my exprimentall torture, brings out the best in me.
So drop the bombs and burn the oil - if that is what it takes to bring this world more flowers, i'm gonna give em to her. I lost control, way out of hand, yesterday i stole the roses in her garden - i'm gonna give em to her.
I feel rigor mortis, breathe into my face, once i was an angel, flew around in space, she picked all my feathers, the day she shot me down - an angel with no feathers, it's har to understand.
REF: so drop the bombs....etc

Myrna Minkoff

Written By: Jesper Eriksson

Myrna Minkoff, i'll have you whiped until you fall, i want you down on your all 4 - face the floor.
What's your plan now? - what is your latest trick to play, you're a desice spread in to my nerve system, i swear to take you down. Lady fortuna some day you will turn and spin the other way round - there must be a plan for me all this hostillity, wont drag me down, cos i found a small wheel, it's inside the big wheel - look what i found! -it goes the other way round for me !
Dear Ignatius, you really have to leave that house, if you're not insane you'll soon me twicw, as mad as me. Com and see me, you will find everything ok, i gather a rally with a protest singer, i'd love to introduce. REF: Lady fortuna.....
Who re-arrange the stars to play with Myrna & Mr Reiley - we're drawn into the light our wings will guide us, like insects straight into the fire...........I tried to greece the fotune wheel, but luck is a gift so that's to steal, but i'm no thief.
Myrna Minkoff - if we where dogs you would find me, licking your pee of from a tree, but we're not dogs...

She aint gonna flip burgers

Written By: Jesper Eriksson

She aint gonna flip burger - like solid neighbourhood - she shaved her hed and she found a job - down at bad ass cafe - she's writing songs and then sends the tapes - you know she's tries real hard - the A&R just keap sending back - the standard letters to her
BUT SHE WILL SWING AND SING HER SONG FROM HERE TO INISHMOORE _ SHE FOUND HER PLACE IN UNIVERSE SHE FOUND HOW TO BELIVE _ AND YOU WILL HEAR HER voice and you will learn to sing her song _ she found her place in universe she found how to belive:

It's over

Written By: Jesper Eriksson/The Auto Dropouts

How many years is it now, sice you last had to crash?
That's a question worth an answer for real, but i cant even tell her, and the truth is i dont care, there is to many reasons, my dear

She wisper so slowly to me: There's nothing to see, come lay down beside me - it's over
and i have nothing to fear, so i lay down beside her - it's over......

Thing's that i said and done, seem so tragic now, almost fun, i tried so hard to push you away. I was searching for a reason, for one of us to leave - that's te sad little ghost of my life

She wisper so softly to me: There's nothing to see - come lay down beside me - It's over, and i have nothing to fear, so i lay down beside her - it's over...........
It's all in your mind
Your eye's will decive you tonight....


Debut album: "Still waiting for yom kippur"
Only released in Sweden - by myself. summer -07

Set List

10 - 15 songs - maby 1 cover for fun!