the Autumn

the Autumn


The Autumn spans a wide variety of genres, ranging from bright, melodic alternative, metal, progressive, blues, folk, and world music. We are in search of transcendence through music, and we absolutely love to play.


The Autumn's debut album "Wanting..." features songs with an exceptional variety of influences, ranging from three chord pop rock, to metal, progressive, alternative, blues, and ambient grooves. It is this wide range of music that defines the band, and makes it such an exciting thing to experience.

The band's four members come from a wide background ranging from delta-blues, goth-industrial, alternative, progressive, metal, and experimental noise.

With only one album out, the band is just getting started, but amazing things are sure to come.



Written By: The Autumn

proper order sort to further

(it's the little things that make us

every never left and last
but first and foremost



blackened stripped
and most indifferent

(who's the bad guy? what's
my good side?)

i will scream until they know what i mean


Written By: The Autumn

...and i can't wait for you
to come around
it's not quite as it seems
the light of your day
is here right now
and this we knew
so real to just believe

oh honey, you've just got to let it go
all the love you give will someday show
buried in the thoughts & broken bones
all this just a little shy of home

Three Hours

Written By: The Autumn

his ashes lay wasted
cold & forgotten
as you give the last look
before you are starting on
his body is twisted with cold, heavy fingers drawn
a fate he has needed
but never quite counted on

but girl, you were never here
this dream, what a lie it is
a vacant shadow memory
one you could never...

Vulture & Violin

Written By: The Autumn

he's missing out
he's cold, forgotten
he's wandering is done

don't let the devil in
don't let him see you shiver

you pack your heart & mind
into the wasted
makes it hard
to walk the boards
wish i could find where the somber are waiting
death by your side
no matter where you go


"Wanting..." is our self-released LP.

Set List

The Useless
Three Hours

Our sets can run from 20 minutes, to one hour and incorporate a core range of songs, open jams, a cover or two, and lots of noise.