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West Orange, New Jersey, United States | SELF

West Orange, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Band Pop Alternative


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"SUNY Purchase meets The Avoda"

Spreading the Light Through a Dark World

The Brick: How did Avoda get together?

Aubrey: It happened rather innocently last November. Dov's college was planning a “Battle of the Bands.” He had a few songs that he wanted to rock out acoustically, but then found out that he needed a backing band in order to play. That's where Matt, Mike and myself come in.

Dov: I called up Mike, Matt and my brother, since I knew they were talented musicians and would do me a favor, but I didn't expect it to go beyond that battle.

Aubrey: We learned the songs in a week or so, and were able to play the show.

Dov: When we ended up winning second place, we thought, “Well, we won two songs to be recorded, and the crowd seemed to be digging us, so we'll see where this could take us.”

Aubrey: Matt, Mike and Dov had been playing together for years and already had great chemistry. When he asked me to play bass, I was ecstatic about it because it had been two or three years since I really picked it up and played live. The yearning and desire to play never left. I really felt like there was this void in my life, but it was something that I put on the back-burner, knowing that one day it would come back. Needless to say, it's a blessing to be able to be original and musically creative with the level of talent that we have.

The Brick: Explain your sound.

Mike: It’s always intresting to try to describe a sound. But if I could sum it up, I would say it has a really nice smooth flow to it, almost like you’re soaring though the song, hearing all aspects of it. It surrounds you. Everything we write comes from within.

Matt: Avoda is a mixture of a lot of different types of music. We have some similar bands we all listen to, but all of us have different influences, so our music comes out as a solid blend of all of them. Some songs are metal, some reggae, some poppy, some loud, some quiet, some heavy, some soft! But we work together to make the final product just right.

Dov: Our sound is a mixture of all the elements of music that we love. We may not sound like we’re pushing the boundaries, but we’re trying to straddle the line between mainstream and underground music.

Aubrey: Our sound is for you, it’s for your friends, your family, for strangers you pass on the street, and for lovers you’ve yet to meet. Most importantly, our sound is true. It’s what we feel at the time. We’re not trying to write with specific genres in mind. It’s what feels right.

Dov: For me though, the most important part of this band is the message behind it. I’m disgusted by all the negative images and lyrics that I’ve seen and heard from what is, otherwise, great music. Hearing beautiful music with a positive message always inspired me, and that’s what we’re trying to give back.

The Brick: What’s your favorite part about playing in a band?

Aubrey: Favorite part about playing in a band: playing shows and creating new music. Least favorite: loading and unloading our equipment. Roadies wanted!

Matt: I like being on stage. I love playing guitar. I like singing ocassionally when I’m not nervous. But mostly, writing the music that people enjoy.

Dov: My favorite part about playing in a band is the feeling of brotherhood, which, in this case, is quite easy to attain. And when everything is clicking, and the music sounds tight and full, it’s like your walking through heaven.

The Brick: Did you like playing “The Battle of the Bands” at SUNY Purchase?

Mike: I enjoy playing shows, but the Purchase “Battle of the Bands” was kind of a bummer only because we didn’t really get to play too long. Our set flows all the way though, so it’s a let down that they had the bands play two songs.

Dov: It was fun and frustrating at the same time. Time ran out for us before we even began our last song, but the crowd gave us a great response, and that was comforting.

Aubrey: To be honest, it was not the best reflection of our music and set. Our set has this natural progression to it that builds up with each song, so for us to only be able to play two songs was pretty unfortunate. Oh well, we’ll be back

Matt: The set being 12 minutes sucked, but it was awesome to play in front of a rather big crowd, I thought, and to finally expose Avoda to Purchase!

The Brick: How about the Jersey Battle of the Bands?

Matt: We made it to the Regional Finals.

Mike: We have been kicking ass, moving though the rounds like butter. It’s really about going out and doing what you love. Haha, and pre-sale tickets. And knowing what the final results have in store in the end. It’s driving. We have the talent to do this, and being confident is so important.

Aubrey: We’ve had a really good time playing those shows. Each time we’ve rocked out, it’s been nothing but positive energy that I know we all feed off of. When the crowd is really into it, you never want to stop playing.

Dov: When we first entered, I didn’t even think we’d make it past the first round. The majority of our fans are under 21, so they’re not allowed in the venue that the first three rounds take place in. (The final two rounds are in an all-ages venue.) But now since we’re in Round Three (Regional Finals), I’ve developed somewhat of a confidence in us, and I think we may actually have a shot of winning this thing!

The Brick: And the “celebrity” you’re recording with?

Matt: My good friend, Steve Kellner. He’s the singer of Van Atta High, a Jersey band that is really starting to get recognition and exposure. They made it through the Break Contest and won to oppurtunity to play Bamboozle!

Dov: I asked him to sing on our song “All the Answers,” and he graciously agreed. Now we’re just waiting for both our schedules to clear up.

Aubrey: We are pretty stoked. Thanks Steve, good looking out!!

Mike: Thanks Steve, we know you’re hella busy.

The Brick: So here’s the big question: Why should people listen to Avoda?

Dov: Because the world needs to be elevated to a higher moral and ethical standard. At this rate, humanity is sliding into a pit of disaster. When the bad is more desirable than the good, there’s a problem. I can’t even watch the news anymore, because I get depressed seeing murders, rapes and robberies. Our lyrics try to shine a light, instead of spread the darkness.

Matt: The music has a message. Dov’s lyrics are amazing!! And the music is unique. I feel nobody else is doing what we are doing!

The Brick: What’s the best show you guys ever played?

Matt: Haha, that’s tough. I would say, “The School of Rock!!” We played with this band, A Cursive Memory (some national act), and we brought 50 friends, and everyone sounded good. We were in tune and the sound check really helped with the levels.

Dov: My favorite show was the first round of “Jersey Show's Battle of the Bands” at Just Jake’s. An overwhelming amount of friends and family came out to support us. And seeing my mother and father in the crowd was a big inspiration.

Mike: So far, the best show I think we’ve played was “The School of Rock,” but everyone’s opinions differ. But there will always be a better show. And a better show after that. It always gets better and tighter.

The Brick: Out of your available songs, what’s more fun to play: Adam & Eve or Great Expectations?

Dov: Adam and Eve is more fun for me to play. It’s more funky! Hahaha.

Mike: Great Expectations is more fun to play for me!

Matt: I say Adam and Eve because I get to solo.

Aubrey: Great Expectations!!!!

The Brick: What’s your greatest expectation?

Matt: I want this band to go as far as it can, but knowing how the music industry is, my greatest expectation is do my best with family and friends. Mind, body and soul needs to be happy! I want to be happy.

Dov: My greatest expectation is that I will, one day, achieve my personal maximum potential.

Mike: My greatest expectation is to always keep pushing further.

Aubrey: The greatest expectation for the band: not even the sky can limit us from what we can achieve. Just keep progressing and the rest will fall into place.

The Brick: How are the new songs going and when can everyone hear them?

Dov: We actually have just finished tracking them with Nick Gagliardi. And we’re giving them to our good friend Adrian Melendez at Phantom Inc. to mix and master it.

Matt: They should be done by June. They are going to blow people’s minds! Probably my three favorite songs we have written.

Aubrey: Sounds are sounding great. Just finished recording them, all that needs to be done is the mixing and mastering, then you will have something fresh for the eardrums.

The Brick: Is there any musician you wish you were (or musician’s talent you wish you had)?

Matt: I want to play guitar like Jimi.

Aubrey: There are a lot of bass players who inspire me. Flea, Matt Freeman, John Paul Jones (extremely underated), so many.

Mike: I like the way I play, and if I could have someone’s talent, I would pass up the offer. The fun of drumming to me is finding your way. I get a lot of my inspiration from the drummers I grew up listening to, and before my time the drummers that changed music in the 60’s through today.

Dov: I wish I had the talent and strength of King David. He wrote the majority of the book of Psalms, and they’re all songs. In the beginning of many psalms, he even tells which instrument they should be performed on. They deal with the highs and lows of life, and explain that trust and faith in Hashem (the hebrew word for G-d) got him through it all, which actually lead to all his successes.

The Brick: Any good, classic songs you wish you wrote?

Dov: “Zion Train” by Bob Marley is an amazing hard-hitting song. I wish I could write a song that shakes someone to their soul.

Mike: We all write the music together, so we all can thank each other for all the classics.

The Brick: Describe Avoda in five words.

Dov: A vehicle of divine awareness.

Mike: Flowing, progressing, as one, truth, future.

Aubrey: Inspiring, creative, progressive, fresh, one.

Matt: Fun, awesome, sexy, talented, cool people!

For music samples and show dates, see their MySpace page: or joing their Facebook group.

Their upcoming NY shows are as follows:
Avoda Returns to Sullivan Hall – May 28 at 9 p.m. – Sullivan Hall (214 Sullivan Street)
Don Hill’s – June 4 at 8 p.m. – Don Hill’s (511 Greenwich Street)
Crash Mansion – June 18 at 8:30 p.m. – Crash Mansion (199 Bowery)
The Bitter End – July 31 at 8 p.m. – The Bitter End (147 Bleecker Street)
- SUNY Purchase The Brick (2008)

"The Avoda featured on Kings of A&R!"

"Check out the song Once Upon A Cloud by The Avoda which consists of New Jersey singer-songwriter Dov Carpe.
Influences range from Dashboard Confessional and Saves the Day to Coldplay.

-Dean Cramer in Kings of A&R Picks - Kings of A&R


Lights & Perfections LP - 2009
Once Upon a Cloud EP - 2010
Spread the Light Single - 2011



The Avoda's music reads like a diary. After almost drowning in an attempt to save a friend's life in '05, lead singer Dov Carpe began a lifelong journey. This odyssey lead him to pick up everything and spend a year Jerusalem. "When you stare death in the eye and you're given another chance, you can't help but humble yourself and start over," said the introspective singer/songwriter.

The Avoda blend heavenly soundscapes with earth shattering and empowering anthems. With influences ranging from Usher to Coldplay, you'll be drawn into a world of dreams and manifest realities. You can pick up their newest single "Spread the Light", on iTunes.