The Away Game

The Away Game


The Away Game is your best day on the pitch, they're the weak in your knees and the sweat on your brow. They're talented, funny and original. T.A.G. is the piss is your cornflakes. They're the best sex you have ever had.


Originally a three piece pop-punk band The Away Game has evolved into the most interesting musical entity Canada's largest city has ever seen.

Alex and Eamonn spent three years writing songs together. They wrote and recorded all kinds of shit, including punk songs, rock songs, punk rock songs and an Irish folk song.

Marcus and Sarah have since joined T.A.G. and have actively pushed the sound into sights unseen. The Away Game is actively rocking out, recording and looking for shows.

- The Away Game


The Devil May Ride ("I Love Drugs" EP)
Trauma Queen ("I Love Drugs" EP)
Car Crashes and Love Gashes ("I Love Drugs" EP)

Basement ("Gym Shorts and Genital Warts" EP)
Alice (Web Only Release)
The O'Connell Street Swagger("Gym Shorts and Genital Warts" EP)

Alejandro (Web Only Release)
Fuck Y'All Bitches ("Brown Bricks" EP)
When The Earth Freezes Over ("Drunk Girl on Prom Night" EP)

Set List

The Devil May Ride
Car Crashes and Love Gashes
Short Girl
The O'Connell Street Swagger
Pregnant Chicks Are Hot
Alejandro (Gayin' It Up)
Rubdown - Unreleased