The Awe Kids

The Awe Kids

 London, England, GBR

The Awe Kids...... started by lead vocalist Elspeth Rose in 2010, this fresh young band have an inspiring sound, their lyrics cover topics from love to politics.

Their live performance can be compared to the keyboardists behind... tight! They jam, they play, they sweat.
They Entertain.


Elspeth Rose (lead vocals) and Jon Wild (real name!) (guitarist) are the co-writers of The Awe Kids Music. They came together a few years ago, recorded some tracks and found a few of their mates to be in their band. They practiced like mad, played a few gigs and the word spread....

The Awe Kids are a fun bunch of people and can often be found hanging around Camden where they put on their night called "Down With The Kids" . Taking place in venues such as The Lock Tavern (Camden) and The Workshop (Shoreditch). They have also headlined venues such as The Barfly (Camden), Water Rats (Kings Cross) and The Underbelly (Hoxton Square).

Recently Elspeth Rose travelled around California USA where she recorded some new "Awe Kids" material with producer Jack Kennedy.

They have been compared to bands such as The Cranberries, Saint Etienne, and more recently it has been said that Elspeth has a certain "Lana del Rey" quality. Maybe its her videos that she also makes of herself on their youtube page....

The Awe Kids Youtube Channel:

The Awe Kids are currently in a studio in West London perfecting their tunes for their EP... coming soon in 2012.


"Stuck in London" was digitally released on 24th November 2010 onto iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

The Awe Kids EP is currently being produced and will be released in 2012

Set List

Stuck in London (5:05)

Funny Little World (3:36)

Love Spell (4:09)

Open Your Eyes (3:42)

Walk Away (4:17)

The Wild (4:01)

Problem (3:38)

And Now (3:32)

Rainbow (4:03)

The Pressure (3:56)

Miss You (2:49)