The Awkward Romance
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The Awkward Romance

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The best kept secret in music


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To breathe is to compromise EP (2005) Day Job Records

Covington (2004) Day Job Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Well... we had someone ask us the other day what we had accomplished.. so here's a short list; our "resume", so to speak. (After that is the standard bio... enjoy!)

On our own, with backing from no one, we have:

- sold over 1,000 copies of our new ep within 2 months
- gotten our Cd's into regional hot topic stores
- played CornerStone FL two years running
- had over 85,000+ plays on purevolume
- had some good press/reviews
- massive sex appeal (especially Eli)
- been invited to play warped tour
- been offered recording contracts by four different indie labels
- amassed 7,500+ friends (fans) on myspace
- assimilated 1,500+ people on our mailing list
- self-produced and self-recorded our own music
- our own studio
- charm and wit
- won two consecutive battle of the bands
- placed 2nd in Lime 2004 (visible school)

(standard bio time)

Hello. This is your introduction to The Awkward Romance. This part of our bio would usually contain a brief description of our sound or comparisons to other bands we consider influential. We would rather you spend your time listening to the music than listening to us tell you what we think we sound like. This may be a copout on our end, but we'll give you this much: We play rock. Prejudice aside, you decide.

While you do that, we'll tell you a little about us. 2005 is now carrying the momentum we had from the previous year. We are playing at Cornerstone for the second year in a row, and we were chosen out of 10,000 bands to play at the Van’s Warped Tour in August. In May we released a new EP, titled To Breathe is to Compromise. It has been well-received by the press and public alike. We have continued to tour all over the southeast, and our ever-busy schedule is sure to further the underground buzz and a build on an ever-increasing fanbase.

We feel these new songs and recordings have already captured the live energy of the band better than "Covington" did, but also showcase improved melodic sensibilities, lyrical maturity, and an overall depth simply not found in our previous songwriting. Our marked growth as writers is due in no small part to the increased amount of time we have spent on the music. We have poured countless hours into the producing, writing, and improving every single aspect of our songs.

In addition to the new EP, we are going to be working with a couple of producers to record 3-4 songs for various compilations we have been asked to be on. The opportunity to work with new producers should give us a chance to expand our creativity and songwriting.

We honestly hope that you enjoy the songs, because we realize that without fans, there really would be no point to playing or recording these songs. We are grateful to and humbled by anyone who has ever come to a show, bought a CD, or listened to our music. We are not special by any means, and there are thousands of bands out there to choose from. We consider ourselves blessed by anyone who has chosen ours.

Beyond that, our goals as a band are simple. We want to write lyrics and music that we feel passionate about, because we feel that that passion will, in turn, become contagious. We would like to reach a point where we can expose more people to songs that have a deeper meaning than most of the ones they are exposed to every day. Thanks for listening.