The Awkward Romance

The Awkward Romance


Indie rock with a flair of pop and punk. We've played at the Van's Warped Tour, been on several nation-wide tours, and recently recorded with Matt Goldman (of Cartel, Underoath fame).


The Awkward Romance have averaged 150 shows per year over the past three years. They have been selected to play Van's Warped Tour, have won over 15 battles of bands throughout the southeast (and placed second in a few), and have also played at Cornerstone Festival.

They have had almost 300,000 plays on myspace and over 250,000 on purevolume. They have experienced some success in local radio stations and on several internet stations.

They have released 3 eps, and recently recorded with Matt Goldman (Underoath, Copeland, Cartel) They are about to record a new full-length with Matt Goldman, and have written over 20 songs in anticipation of the record.

At the moment, they are unsigned, but that might change in the near future.


Girls don't do math

Written By: Eli Scott

Girls don’t do Math.

It’s telling me their secrets, his and hers, yours and mine
Promises don’t just keep themselves.
I confess I’ve been sleeping around with insomnia

I guess we’ll never find the time to do this right
So we’ll settle for second best just like all of the rest

I promise to never let you down… Easy.
And the only closure I need is of your mouth.

Who think they’re something else for reading my stories between the lines
When they’re only coloring between the lines that I gave them.

This is bliss in arrogance and a portrait of self-indulgence.
So we can all identify - find some relevance in the decadence.

These rants are your only second chance to blow your cover.
- To be rediscovered. Because it’s the careful placement
and measurements that make you condescend.
These are the rites and customs I could never comprehend.

But you’ve burnt the last straw with me and mixed metaphors
are the most clever things I can think of right now.

True love never dies.. but you definitely tried to kill it.
With those high expectations we’ve all come to expect.

My feet are rooted here, but my heart has traveled elsewhere
In search of fountains of youth that are calling me from afar.

Music doesn't do that

Written By: Eli Scott

Music doesn’t do that.

This song is called redemption.
This is the rhyme and reason for rhyme without reason.
We are the musicmakers. We are the dreamers of the dreams
We are the absurd of heart. Because love makes no sense.
And we will sing that love is what keeps us in the midst.

The nights we spent bound to twilight
Take their ungrateful bows to yesterdays
As the sun sets on regrets and art undefined
Only to find that we’re the missing pieces to the puzzle.
That’s kept you clueless all this time.

We were told to no longer reach for the stars
Because they tend to fall from the skies.
But I’m oblivious to warning signs.
I drive on sidewalks and park on freshly mowed lawns
Danger is my middle name,
And I run with scissors just to pass the time.

I’ve found a false sense of security in these diatribes
And in the venom of the passersby
As a means to end existence – a verbal genocide.

Writing isn’t about the writer, but about the interpretation and the mindful implication of words muttered under breaths

I can no longer standby to watch for the longest day of the year.
We are all copacetic as long as the dollar is man of the house.

All heroes will become statues someday. But not today.
We will rise like the proverbial myths we are destined to become
and we will fight. And we will never die.

Singing to the Choir

Written By: Eli Scott

Singing to the Choir

Houston, we are the problem
There is dissention in the ranks, a mutiny
Even as we stand on the cusp of eternity
This is supposed to be about grace, not about disgrace.
Because we’re all simple-minded artists and arsonists.
Romantics who speak in circles and breathe semantics.

But you, you should not be the thorn in my flesh.
And you should not be the bane of my existence.
But you’ve turned witchunting into a competitive sport.

Sanctity is not a curse, but rather a blessing.
I’m all the better from the second-guessing.

So turn your nose up at me. I realize I’m not worthy.
I never have been, nor will I ever be.
Because I’ve got these super human vulnerabilities.

We could carry constellations to congregations
But all we can do is apologize for apologetics

So good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
I’ll step up to your firing squad without a fight.

But soon, I’ll digress as we continue to regress.
And the self-righteous become all the more pious

* I’m not living to die, I’m dying to live.
My peace of mind. Nothing more to forgive *

Stake your claim to the fifteen minutes of fame.
And when’s it’s over, we’re all still the same.

We are the quintessential posterboys for choirboys.
And I’m a derelict for bitter diatribes via better dialects

Mildly Concerned Samaritan

Written By: Eli Scott

Mildly Concerned Samaritan

This feels a lot like neverland, but neither of us is peter pan.
Blame captain hook, but this smokescreen is not second-hand

I would save you now, but I’m too brave somehow.
Because dying to myself is all but killing me right now.

Oh Karma, please handle me delicately
For I need high ceilings and low expectations

I ride in holding patterns through center lanes
And patronize through tinted window panes

Some men ride bulls or benches, but I ride fences
Buying up options in the market of consequences

I’m a prince paying penance on present tenses
Lying still to the tenants between pretenses

You may not be able to buy happiness
but I’ve sure been making the payments.

Hanging out with scarecrows and lions,
I’m the tinman and I’m rusting quickly.

Beckoned yeses barely cede to second chances
Second guesses rarely lead the ballroom dances

So I’ll keep busy making pillars of salt
Mounting posses to hunt down the fault

I’ve met no saints, except those in oily paints
And with spirits faint, we've only to feint

Because what I lack in heart, I make up for in futile art
With these lackluster attempts to write blockbuster hits

If we never go to bed, we could live in yesterday
So let bygones be my own; we’ll ride on glory lane


Covington (2004)
To Breathe is to Compromise EP (2005)
(had 2 tracks that were released and recieved internet and radio play, including Atlanta's 99x)
AudioBio EP (2006)
(also had 2 tracks that were released and recieved internet and radio play)
A 3 song foray into the dangers of pop
(had 2 songs played on local radio & internet)

Set List

We typically do a 35-45 minute setlist, and we generally play mostly originals. We don't do many covers, but "Everlong" by Foo Fighters would be one that we do cover, and we have the ability to do more if needed.