The Ayers

The Ayers

 Panama City, Florida, USA

Our first album represents everything we love about music and why we started playing in the first place. We packed this record full of the things we as listeners like to hear: vocal harmonies, rockin guitar riffs, melodic solos, and catchy hooks.
We hope this album is the first of many more to come. Stay tuned...its coming soon!


The Ayers is a duo based out of Panama City Beach who are on the fast track to getting their debut album released. The Ayers originally got their start in the popular cover band Dirty Livin. They played with Dirty Livin for over 5 years and started to crave something new and more exciting. The two started writing their own music and it just took off. They had an entire album written and recorded with in a year. All they need now is just a kick in the right direction.

Set List

Make Believe
Unusual Love
Jealous Mess
Hopeless Dreamer
Hanging On
Just Say Goodbye
Still Alone
Take Me Down Slow
Gone Baby Gone