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Burlington, Vermont, United States

Burlington, Vermont, United States
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The Aztext @ Nectar's

Burlington, Vermont, USA

Burlington, Vermont, USA

The Aztext @ The R&R

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

The Aztext @ Castaways

Ithica, New York, USA

Ithica, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



(AZT Records, CD)
It's official: The Queen City is in the middle of a hip-hop boom. Over the last couple of years, Burlington's rappers and DJs have raised the bar for homegrown "urban" music. Make room for The Aztext, whose excellent Haven't You Heard is destined to become a local hip-hop classic.

Featuring the microphone talents of Pro and Learic, The Aztext trade in alliterative rhymes with more twists and turns than 89 South.

Following an obligatory introduction, the disc kicks into gear with "It's True," a track also featured on the recent compilation Greetings From Vermont. Tough yet tuneful, the song boasts bluesy, sampled piano and an articulate flow.

"Breakthrough" is loaded with good-natured braggadocio. In keeping with hip-hop tradition, the duo spends plenty of time cataloguing their skills. But their rapid-fire lyrics break from the norm, glorifying musical integrity over commercial success.

"Learn to Talk," looks at self-identity through a Qu├ębecois lens. "Growin' up a half-American/Canadian kid, I never knew home sweet home, that's just the way that it is," Pro states. "Thinkin' in French, speaking in English and playin' with kids / Who did the opposite, and know what they was sayin' and shit." It isn't your average street narrative. But, as the advice goes, write what you know.

"You Is You" takes president Bush to task for the administration's response to Hurricane Katrina. "We got a crisis in the making, lots of lives are being taken / I'm sorry the president had to return early from vacation," the rappers chide. "Where were you when they needed you? / Oh, you can send 18-year-olds to Iraq to get killed but can't protect your own red, white and blue?" Sadly, the questions are still relevant.

"Better Act Like You Know" is a ready-made club banger. Again, the lyrics reflect the ethics of the underground. "Soon as you're major then they say, 'don't go against the grain' / So I decided if it happens, I'll just let it rain," the MCs proudly declare.

Indie hip-hop star Wordsworth pops by for the title track, a spicy cut with a coarse guitar sample and ball-busting beat. Things (literally) go south on "This Right Here," which features a slow-motion groove straight out of cough syrup-happy Houston.

Chances are The Aztext won't be asking Haven't You Heard? for much longer. Their CD release party takes place at Nectar's on Tuesday, May 9.


- Casea Rae, Seven Days, May 3, 2006

Right from the beginning, it's apparent that the listener is in for an audible treat in the debut opus from The Aztext. It's True is the jumpoff, a Special Weapon-LACED(!), piano-lead track with a bassline that would make Primo envious. Referencing a mosaic of legendary & classic hip hop artists, songs & albums, Learic & Pro tell personal accounts of their evolution as emcees, making it obvious that they've been at this for awhile and won't be denied success. The rest of the album doesn't let up. Every song shows the lyrical & musical versatility of seasoned veterans. Producers Dub Sonata, Special Weapon, The Loyalists (E-Train & Touchphonics) & D Rapp come correct on each & every song. Appearances from well-known industry veterans Krumbsnatcha, Wordsworth, Q-Unique (formerly of The Arsonists), freestyle legend Double AB, and The Loyalists. My personal favorite song features only the group, showcasing a menacing & haunting backdrop, provided by E-Train, and lyrical mastery by the duo. The song is The Ultimate Tag Team. I think Pro sums it up well when he said, "Now I been everywhere from cocky to asking why rhyme, but I'm done playin' the sideline, this is now our time!" You can literally feel the effort this group has put forth to get to this point, as well as the passion they have for what they do. I like this song the most because, though not as much of a banger as most of the other tracks, it lures you in. You can close your eyes and envision the pictures these artists paint. It's personally hard for me to maintain attention for a full album. If a song doesn't hold my attention with both lyrics and great production, I lose interest very quickly. I can't stop listening to this album. I rock it when I work out. I rock it when I'm riding around. I'm rocking it now. If you have a true love for hip hop music, culture, and history, this album is a must have. If you appreciate a brilliant emcee rocking the mic with ease, you'll love this album. If you like innovative, funky, visual beats over which said emcees rock said mic; if you like remarkable turntablism displayed at it's finest, this is your album. - Jeremy Marcoux

" ...If of course your looking for that star power, underground hotness, then look no further than...The Aztext, pure quality from the VT state... "
- Boston Hip Hop Pages dot com


Singles: "Breakthru" - was the number 1 requested song on Kiss FM 92.1, "Who's Wit Us? Ft Krumb Snatcha" is being pushed thru college radios stations both nationally and internationally (as of 9.1.06), "It's True FT Memms" - featured in East Coast Snowboard Magazine,
LP: 'Haven't You Heard?' - AZT Records - all tracks can be heard at


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Aztext is a Vermont based hip hop group consisting of PRO, Learic and DJ Big Kat. With 10 years of experience under their belts as solo artists; PRO and Learic shared the stage with artists such as KRS-One, DMC, Brother Ali, Spearhead, The Arsonists, Rahzel, Swollen Members, Black Moon, Das Efx, Black Sheep, The Beatnuts, Non-Phixion and others.

Since forming The Aztext in 2005, they have already completed their highly anticipated album, Havent You Heard?, whos single Breakthru was the number 1 requested song on 92.1 Kiss FM for 3 weeks straight. The album features hip hop legends Krumb Snatcha of the Gangstarr Foundation, Q-Unique of the Rock Steady Crew and formerly of The Arsonists, Wordsworth of the Lyricist Lounge Show and many more. Because their producers range in location from San Francisco to The Bronx and have produced for artists from Busta Rhymes to J Hood, one never knows what to expect from track to track on the LP. The Track Its True was picked up by East Coast Snowboard Magazine for a Vermont compilation, The Game will be featured on Artists and Producers to Watch Vol.2, and Havent You Heard? will be featured on Rep You Hood East Coast Vol. 1.

The Aztext have a bright future ahead of them which includes a second album that is currently in the works (and holds some fantastic surprises!) and the expansion of their clothing line, which they launched with Fundamental.

Be on the lookout for The Aztext - coming soon to a town near you! You do not want to miss their live show