The Baby Seal Club

The Baby Seal Club

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Musically it's everything at once.
We set fire to the concept of scenes & dance on the ashes.
The Baby Seal Club straddle genres that haven't been invented.
Watching us is like being beaten violently with candy floss


The Baby Seal Club play a unique blend of psychedelic pop and electro funk. Some of their songs are happy and jangly, others are heavier and dancier. All of them are catchy.

Their debut EP Paradise (2010) was self-produced on a budget of $0.02 and captures the raw energy of a band realising that they are at the start of something magnificent.

In this year of the rabbit, The Baby Seal Club will do what bands do best. They’ll play shows around their local Brisbane, embark on a national tour and record and release more songs. There is also a highly classified surprise in store for the Australian winter (European summer).

Their tunes can be found for free in lots of places: JJJ unearthed, facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, myspace and itunes. Or you can get a good ol' fashioned hard copy at one of the upcoming shows.


Paradise EP (2010)
Castaways EP (2011)

Set List

Happy Too
Red Green Blue
Death Ray
Broken Limbs and Such Things
Gnarly Army
Wilted Flowers
The Moneys and The Honeys
Different Dimensions