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"radio press"

They're phenomenal; sort of a modern Betales sound! - Vinny Barruco, K103.7 radio, Montreal

"An off-topic rock n’ roll post"

I honestly think they’re one of the best local bands I’ve ever heard. And if you know me, you know I’m not one to like new music just to like new music or humor people. They mix great modern pop and rock sounds with some classic rock influence. They truly are awesome.
- Jim Green, Home News Tribune

"The Backbeat"

Its quite appropriate that recently The Alphabeat played in my home city recently. Now, this isn't going to be a post about the hip vibes of the 6-piece pop parade that Alphabeat are, but I'd just like to open with them in mind. Whilst having many differences to today's featured band (they're British for a start, have more members and a generally different style), they bare some resemblance to The Backbeat, too: Both bands offer progressive riffs and catchy songs that really do define the word 'addictive'. Both also remind me somewhat of the '60s and '70s. Well, not from my own memory, of course, but the prevailing bands (such as The Beach Boys and even Nancy Sinatra) from that generation appear to have huge influences over the style that both the Alpha and Back beats carry. This appears to be even carried over to their taste in fashion, too.

The Backbeat contacted me after the grand Status Green added me on MySpace. Now, as I've already made blazingly obvious, I love Status Green. I came across them by total accident, and then they found me through simply adding me rather randomly (or at least, so I'm led to believe). Following the my contact with the great SG, The Backbeat also took the liberty of adding me to their friends. I expressed my fondness for Status Green, and The Backbeat responded positively, stating that they've even toured together. Do not be fooled, however! Status Green are renowned for their pop-rock-garage rhythms and gritty songs about realism presented in a sort of fun way. Pandora was right to suggest Status Green to me as, after all, I'm a tremendous fan of bubblegum rock. The Backbeat, however, despite being friends of Status Green, appeal to a whole different audience: Their tone is less serious, but more charming to listen to. The general instrumental side of things could be considered by many to be 'vintage', perhaps even 'classic' to our older readers. It appeared that The Backbeat have gone into a totally different niche than Status Green, yet still appear to have attracted a rather large, loyal fan-backing.

Away from risking this turning into an advanced thesis about how The Backbeat are similar-yet-different to other artists, it is worth noting that the band bring something new to the table, too. As anyone in the music industry will agree, it takes guts to bring about something new, but any artist who wishes to revitalise older decades in their music style has to be equally brave. I'm sure you've all heard all-too-many tributes to ABBA or The Beatles, so it should be a refreshing change to hear that whilst The Backbeat still carry such themes in their music, they still bring something new to the table. After all, their set-up could be considered a little too vanilla (a bassist, two guitarists, a drummer etc.) it is really what the band does with that combination which makes them worth listening to. In an age where everybody seems like they're trying to be somebody else, its still refreshing to know that whilst The Backbeat mix major influences from a better time with their work, yet are still talented enough to use those rhythms in a new way which has been almost previously totally unseen outside of the circuit.

Armed with a positive attitude that would even put Stevie Wonder to shame, a street team so optimistic its surprising they haven't run for Congress yet and chorus numbers which would out-shine The Hold Steady, its pretty obvious that The Backbeat are going to go places, given a little help from their friends.
- Melaisis (Scott), The Three R's (


Don't Move On - self-produced cd:
1. Don't Move On
2. Just So You Know
3. Where Are You
4. Just Like This
5. Definitely Baby
6. Highway 33
7. Without A Gleam
8. Girl of My Dreams
9. With You
10. Fish to Fry
11. Girl From Montreal
12. Clearer Day
13. Someone Like You



The Backbeat was formed in the summer of 2006 by Vinny and E.J., who have played together in multiple bands over the years. Both had a love for classic and modern rock, and by melding these influences with their own musical vision, The Backbeat's music was born. The band’s new material is powerful enough to get even the most cynical fan moving to the grooves.

The Backbeat's infectious live show and their unconventional sound have drawn recent praise from the press. “They completely blur the line between classic rock and pop rock…” and “The Backbeat would be equally as comfortable on the big stage as they are playing in smaller venues.”

In 2007, The Backbeat was a finalist in the CW11 Battle of the Bands (out of over 100 entries), and was nominated for "Best Pop Band" in the Asbury Park Music Awards. Their video, for "Definitely Baby," placed third out of over 400 in a November 2007 poll by

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