the back pockets

the back pockets

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A union of slamming keys, broken banjo strumming, industrial rhythms and theatrics. An audience armed with drumsticks, tearing down walls between spectator and performer. An energetic and feral stage presence which results in songs and scenes that are compelling and catchy.


Back Pockets are a female fronted indie art rock gaggle of musicians & performance artists. Instruments include trombone, violin, bass, guitar, drums, keys & banjo. Artist Emily Kempf started the band in August 2008 by accident in an attempt to create & direct a weird play.
The Back Pockets have released 4 albums & a slew of music videos, toured the south east & east coast extensively, and have played upwards of 200-300 shows over the past 3 years. They are extremely diy, extremely creative, and extremely driven. Back Pockets live shows are very energetic, musically tight, and visual works of art. They make all our own merch & album packaging themselves, each cd is hand drawn & painted personally, each lyric book hand sewn, each tee-shirt spray painted as well as hand embellished with thread work.


"Beautiful Crappy Demo" released Aug. 2009

"Blissters and Basements" - released Aug. 2010 (God's Room Records)

"Hello Dandelion" - released Feb. 2011 (God's Room Records & Double Phantom Digital)

"Fast Cloud Slow Cloud" - released Aug. 2011 (God's Room Records & Criminal Records)

Set List

6-9 songs. 35-40 minutes of theater music funtimes

most current set list (winter 2011)
1. break up song
2. fame
3. american dream
4. holes
5. libraries
6. beauty
7. bulla
8. lovelike