John Speck

John Speck


The Bacon Bits is energetic party music with plenty of Caribbean, Funk and Latin influences.


The Bacon Bits has been playing steadily on the Miami circuit for 5 years. We have done New Year's parties, corporate gigs, museums, galleries and special events.

The group is a diverse conglomeration hailing from San Fran, New Orleans, Miami, New York, and Miami a couple more times. We play upbeat originals coming out of Latin and Funky roots in a style we call "bilingual funky tropicale". While we love improvising and continuously developing our original repertoire, we are known to throw in an oddball cover of a Jimi Hendrix tune, an electric salsa number, or a traditional Son Cubano like "Cuarto De Tula" or "Que Bueno Baila Ud."

The press often says it's best:

“Campy but irrestible… the best bilingual lyrics ever” – Rosalie Howarth, San Francisco’s Big Ugly Review music judge and program director of KFOG 104.5 FM

“Popular local band..Bacon Bits has cooked up an album with a lot of local flavor”
– Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik, Miami New Times

“listen to the oddball Latino funk of John Speck's Bacon Bits” – L.H. Flavorpill, San Francisco

“John Speck..looking particularly fresh.. in his glittery sequin pants and red-tinged silk shirt..with his faithful guitarist- the superhuman Buffalo Brown- led the Bits with much poise and aplomb” Omar Sommereyns, The Sunpost, Miami

The pigskins gave me the same funky aroma I sniffed several years ago when I was traumatized out of my wits by ..Very Be Careful.. Never thought a t-bone can make you throw out your side hip did ya? – El Changito,

“[John Speck] and The Bacon Bits are all about having a good time and entertaining the audience, which makes dancing to their music hard to resist.” - John Anderson, Miami New Times

The Guardian, UK noted the “nice blowing from trombonist John Speck” as a stand out on the Vida Blue record, “The Illustrated Band”.

“Bacon Bits’ parallel strains of silliness and spontaneity are contagious. At an given concert, Caribbean guys in gold chains and mustaches can be found spinning patchouli-scented bohemian gringas in circles, As they giggle girlishly, the ladies are swept away by Sanchez’s calypso-esque guitar and Speck’s bubbling trombone.” Julienne Gage, Miami New Times



Written By: The Bacon Bits

Yo quisiera gozar contigo, musica de sentimiento rico, gozadera pa’ mover la cadera, y ponerme a vacilar.

Porque vamo’ a vacilar, vamo’ a gozar, este ritmo rico que nació de hogar, de todas las culturas que vienen a ofrecer, un espiritu libre que no para de querer. Yo quisiera, quisiera, quisiera, bailar contigo, hastaaaa la amanecer, mmm. Que lindo! Que lindo! El ritmo bonito! Que lindo, que lindo el ritmo, mas bonito. Esa muchacha que le den candela, se mueve rica como pica canela, y la cintura que, y la cintura que y la cintura que??? (Repite verso 1 y coro).

C: I just wanna have a good time with you. We bring music with rich feeling that is very enjoyable and always makes us dance.

V1: Let’s dance! Let’s dance! This is a rich, homebrewed rhythm made from many different cultures that share our fun and free spirit.
I would really, really, really like to dance with you… until… sunrise. Mmmm How nice! How nice!!

V2:This is a beautiful rhythm. How nice. This may be the nicest rhythm. Look at the girl dance, she dance smooth like cinnamon spice… and her hips!! Her hips! Her hips!! (The 1st verse repeats and then the chorus)

Mi Pais Es Tu Pais

Written By: John Speck And The Bacon Bits

Track 2

It ain’t where your from,
It’s where your at.,
Ain’t what you get,
It’s what you give.
Ain’t who you work for,
It’s who your with
It ain’t what you wear,
It’s what you is…

Mi pais es tu pais, soy feliz como una lombriz
(my land is your land, I’m happy as a clam!)

There’s a crisis of self-conscious people
Plugged in to the tube,
Folks are on the couch
When they oughtta be in the groove.
I ain’t a Casanova , but I know one thing or two,
The best way to live this life is to get down close with you.
You can take it, you can break it
You can put it in a bag,
Wrap it up in bubble wrap and send it to Japan,

Mi Pais Es Tu Pais, Soy Feliz como una lombriz!

Now, you ain’t gotta be somebody if you wanna be my friend,
But you best stick with me, keep groovin’‘til the end.
Can you hear me can you feel me?
Do you know what I mean?
One by one, two by two is the only way to make a scene.
You can steal it; you can deal it.
Do you think you under stand?
If you wanna live this life get your head outta the sand!!

Mi Pais…

This land is your land, is my your land is our land,
I’m happy as a clam.
I’m a happy, happy man.
This land is my land is your land, is his land is her land,
I’m a happy as a clam.
I’m gonna take a stand!
Gonna stand for this land is my land is your land
And I’m happy as a clam!

Prestame Tu Planeta

Written By: John Speck And The Bacon Bits

Why don't you come on out to play there's a big fat sol on a beautiful day,
a brand new animal in the zoo, and a brand new me and a brand new you.
I like to learn about where you're from, who you've been and what
you've done. We could chew the fat, we could wag our chins, at the end of the night
we're bound to be friends.

Prestame tu planeta, prestame tu amor, prestame lo que sientes ahora, y
regalame el sabor
(lend me your world, lend me your, love, share with me your feelings,
and give me the flavor)

Gold is green and pleasure red, it makes no sense comin' through my
head. Time's like a rocket that never slows down. That's alright, I'm in
love with the sound. So live life easy unfurl that brow, I'd like to teach but I don't know
how about this fine feeling from a voice so clear, in my heart there isn't
any fear so,

eso papa, tocala,
(yeah pops! play it!)
el tocino trombon, tremendo vacilon,
(the bacon trombone, a real good time!)

gold is green...
sigue a tu propio compas mama, compas papa
(do the dance to the beat of your very own drummer)


The Bacon Bits - Mofongo

Set List

Sets are typically forty minutes to an hour depending on the crowd and venue. Salsa, Funk, Reggae, Son Cubano, and even a Calypso or Soca if you're lucky.

List -
Set 1
Prestame Tu Planeta (lend me your world)
The Rent Hustle
Entre Tus Brazos
Sweet Nada
Nadie Quiere Asi
El Cuarto De Tula

Set 2
Tenderness Blues
Amor Cellular
Hurricane Song
Mi Pais Es Tu Pais
Sweet And Dandy
The Harder They Come