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"The Bad Apples - Cd Revue"

The Bad Apples
How Ya Like Dem Apples? Part I
Penalty Box Records
Street: 10.08
The Bad Apples= Beastie Boys + Sage Francis
Salt Lake locals, The Bad Apples are back by popular demand from fans. Penalty Box Records founder, MC/ producer Mike Booth, and MC Sir Louis Wildamiss bring some cognizant vocals to this LP with many local artists popping up in guest spots too. Beat styles vary from interesting 70s-era sample-inspired to more "urban" friendly thumps and beats in between. Sample lovers will enjoy, "Xtraish" featuring local cat, Verse1. I catch my buddies dipping their heads methodically when they hear this: always a good sign. Unfortunately, local, homegrown hip hop may very well go unnoticed or, at the worst, go the way of the polar bear’s iced tea, unless more people pick up stuff like this and give it a serious turn in their rotation. –JP - Slug Magazine


The Bad Apples:
Sir Louis Wildamiss – MC
MC Mike Booth – MC/Producer

Photos: Adam Dorobiala

In a small space (close to 9th and 9th) in Salt Lake City sits Bad Apples headquarters and home of Penalty Box Records. The group consists of MC Sir Louis Wildamiss and producer/MC Mike Booth. When I joined up with Booth at his studio, he was deep in deliberation regarding track listing and order for the latest Bad Apples release, How Ya Like Dem Apples, Part 1. It's an album rooted in traditional rap/hip hop staples evoking a good time and showcasing some very decent local talent, like Pace Won, Ben Grim, Verse1 and many others.
The Bad Apples represent more of a collective, something akin to San Francisco's Quannum Records collaborative where MCs and DJs guest and star in similar hip hop projects. Penalty Box Records has that same West Coast collaborative energy rushing through all of its artists and projects. Penalty Box is the brainchild of Mike Booth, Las Vegas native and former graff writer, who punishes in the box with headknockin' beats and handles promotions for the outfit.

"We did the first album and we didn't think it was going to do anything, but it created a buzz here and elsewhere," Booth said. "And the next album is about capturing our live show." Songs that have been Bad Apple's fan favorites, here and elsewhere are being slated for the LP as of this writing and are set for the Oct. 10. Localized, at the latest, for a release date. Don't doubt the reach of the steadily growing Apples fanbase, either. Booth broadcasts a global weekly radio program from SLCC to garner support, is active on social networking sites and has this philosophy on the group's upcoming tour: "All you need to hit is Salt Lake, Idaho, Colorado, Portland then Seattle, then you have your region." From there, he plans to conquer the rest of the US one juicy bite at a time.

Such an effort would have been impossible years ago, in terms of making a huge impact in other markets, but technology friendly Penalty Box loves the new music distribution model. "It gives everyone a chance. We're playing on a level field," Mike says. Unfortunately and fortunately, "It's still all money based. You have to have huge dollars to play with the big boys," Mike says. "But I can hit as many people as Universal, it just may take five years to do it."

If you're not schooled on the local hip hop, you're not alone. Here's your primer. Mike can list, quite easily, a number of local artists he respects: "You've got The Knoitalls, Mindstate, Adverse, Brisk, Hades, all these cats that we're working with. When you stack it up versus other places like Boston, pound for pound we've got better MCs here."

Mike is interested in other artists in Salt Lake, more than just those on his label, and showcases them in the radio program. He sometimes feels like playing some old Ice-T or some Too Short among the local acts he plays. They'd love to get some more listener support as well. "Hopefully we'll get enough listeners to get some calls and generate an audience," says Hades, another Penalty Box artist who happened to be kicking it, Support local artists and get insight into some more obscure hip hop at I scoped a recent podcast of the program and found Knoitalls' MC Facts kicking it with Booth in the studio, Small Lake City at it again.

"We need enough people to recognize everywhere else that their is a lot of great talent here that seems untapped," Booth said. That would be where the local fan base would come in [that's you]. See if the Penalty Box hype is real this October at Localized.

On Friday, October 10th the Bad Apples, Knoitalls and Kinnetick will all be at the Urban Lounge and so should you. Don't forget the date on this one (its happened to the best of us, but this is not one to miss). Cover is $5 and please don't bring your kid sister, this is a private club. See you in October. - SLUG Magazine

"Music | Local CD Revue: Bad Apples"

Bad Apples Far From the Tree
Salt Lake City’s Bad Apples are class clowns and student body president; big players with discerning minds who are just as quick to flirt with senoritas as they are to decry U.S. foreign policy. “So what if people die just as long as you get paid?” they shout over samples of President Bush waxing idiotic. “If you’re not pissed off, then you’re not paying attention.”

Which isn’t to suggest Far From the Tree is the next Fear of Black Planet or even Evil Empire. Bad Apples come across as natural-born activists. They’d likely rather brainstorm practical jokes than exit strategies, but not even wiseguys can comfortably ignore the state of our messed up world. So they throw in a biting rant against ineptitude among the traditional face-offs with sucker emcees and narratives about cuties at the club, as on the Latin-flavored “Menudo.”

For the most part, a cutting sense of humor underlies Tree’s 14 tracks, at times bordering on absurd. “Mini Men,” a send-up of 50 Cent’s “Many Men,” follows the ups and downs of male midgets (“Pygmies always take my bike away”), which is either hilarious or completely offensive, depending on your commitment to the PC movement. In fact, the entire album is brilliant or juvenile, with the quartet’s rhymesayers dropping all-too familiar euphemisms for their junk and how they plan to use it, or how tough they are, etc.

You’d be hard-pressed, however, to deny Bad Apples’ lyrical skill—no matter the content. They rarely, if ever, stumble over samples that more often than not take a back seat to tight vocal interplay. Impressive, and catchy as hell if you go with the flow.

Check out Bad Apples live on Jan. 21 at Kilby Court (741 S. 330 West). - SaltLake City Weekly

"Music | Know Your Local ... Hip-Hop Artist: Mike Booth"

Music | Know Your Local ... Hip-Hop Artist: Mike Booth

By Jon Paxton
Posted 12/18/2008

Salt Lake City emcee/hip-hop producer Mike Booth is known for his signature symphonic hooks and lyrics in The Fantasmic Four and The Bad Apples, his project with Louis Wildamiss. Their latest release, How Ya Like Dem Apples Pt. I (Penalty Box Records), has snagged plenty of strong critical acclaim and delivers a sound somewhere between The Beastie Boys and Eminem. Booth also hosts a weekly radio show on, every Saturday, noon-2 p.m.

Mike Booth
31 years old
Utah resident for 6 years
Originally from Northtown, Las Vegas, NV

So, I hear you’re into nature. Any favorite spots?
The Salt Flats. You figure it out [Booth wryly implies something about deserts being good places to dispose of ‘things’]. I used to paint graffiti all the time. That was back when I’d really get out in nature.

How long did you actively paint graffiti?
12 years

Who are some of your favorite street artists?
Bike and Snipe. Those kids are ill. And they’re local cats. Snipes shit is awesome: some of the coolest stuff around.

Who are some of your most idolized national street artists?
Kier and Chew.

What crew did you associate with when you were actively bombing back in the day?
I can’t say what crew I was in because we were in the Salt Lake Sheriff’s radar for a while.

You seem to be very real with your take on the classic “Four Elements” of hip-hop.
That’s the epitome of what [I do]. It’s how I live, I rap, I write graffiti. I used to break dance. Now I DJ. Just ‘cause I’m married with kids doesn’t mean shit. This is my life. If you’re doing something past 25, it’s not a phase—it’s who you are.

What have you been reading lately?
Rant by Chuck Palahniuk.

How do you give back to the community? Any charities have your support?
Renew the zoo. I did some props for that. And anytime autism is involved; we’re going out to San Jose to do a show for people who raise money for autism. We’d be willing to hook up with somebody locally to give proceeds of the whole album and just sell it for them.

Perfect afternoon?
Hanging out with my girls and recording music. Although the radio station is pretty fun, but what can you do in an afternoon?

Favorite watering hole?

Favorite venue to play?
Harry O’s was pretty damned good; it was pretty fresh as a venue. Club Sound, too.

Favorite lunch spot?

Coffee fix?
Cafe Expresso (drive thru).

What does the future hold? Any plans to move?
I’ll stay for at least the next four or five years. Right now this is nice, besides it being cold, which sucks. I’m kind of a pussy. I grew up in Vegas. I’m like, “It’s 70 degrees in here—it’s cold!”

Any upcoming events scheduled?
The radio show and we’re gonna be hosting a $500 emcee battle Feb. 7. That’s gonna be at 859 E. 800 South. We’ve got tickets for $10. - City Weekly


Far from the Tree (LP) - released 07
How ya like them Apples? (The Fecal Monologues) - release 10 - 08

Mike Booth Artist / Producer

MK Ultra - Too Pooped to Puff - 1997 (Ha Style Records + Cowpie Recordings/ Echopathy Records)
MK Ultra - Nothing Left - 1998 ( Ha Style Records)
Mk Ultra - Drivin On D Rugs - 1998 (Ha Style Records)
MK Ultra - R Music N EP - 1999 ( Ha Style Records)
Akwalungs - The Jethro Tull Elpee 2000 ( Ha Style Records)
Fantazmic 4 - The Self Titled Debut Album - 2003 ( Ha Style Records + Penalty Box Recordings)
The Filthy Unit - The Dickhead Six EP - 2004 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Fantazmic 4 - The Jinxed Sophomore EP - 2006 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Rek Center All Stars - Showbizzness for Ugly People - 2006 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - Far From The Tree - 2007 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - How Ya Like Them Apples? - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Mike Booth - Triangle Man - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - The Theories of Colossal Clyde - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)


Poetic H.O.O.D.L.U.M.S - "Alright O.K." - 1994
Death By Salt Vol. 1 - "Mommy" Fantazmic 4 - 2004 (Slug Magazine)
Operation All City Vol. 1 - "White Knuckaz" The Filthy Unit - 2004 ( Agent Oranje Productions + Penalty Box Recordings)
Operation All City Vol. 1 - "So Ill" Fantazmic 4 - 2004 ( Agent Oranje Productions + Penalty Box Recordings)
Operation All City Vol. 2 - "What It Is" Fantazmic 4 ft. Stress Wun ( Agent Oranje Productions + Penalty Box Recordings)
Pioneerz Compilation - "Openyuns" Rek Center All Stars - 2006 ( ? + Penalty Box Productions)
Rapid - Rapid Development - "Raw To The Floor" ft. The Bad Apples - 2007
The Greatest Flow On Earth - "Tubafer" The Bad Apples - 2007 ( KRCL - Friday Night Fallout + Penalty Box Recordings)
Facts - "Salt City 3" - 2008
Hades - "Life Is... " ft. Dusk One, Mike Booth - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Ben Grimm - I Hate Hip Hop - "Throwing Stones" ft. The Bad Apples 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Konsickwence ft. Mike Booth- "Joe the Plumber" 2008


Akwalungs - The Jethro Tull Elpee 2000 ( Ha Style Records)
Fantazmic 4 - The Self Titled Debut Album - 2003 ( Ha Style Records + Penalty Box Recordings)
The Filthy Unit - The Dickhead Six EP - 2004 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Fantazmic 4 - The Jinxed Sophomore EP - 2006 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Rek Center All Stars - Showbizzness for Ugly People - 2006 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - Far From The Tree - 2007 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - How Ya Like Them Apples? - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Mike Booth - Triangle Man - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - The Theories of Colossal Clyde - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Rapid - Rapid Development - 2008
D. Strong - "War" 2007
Hades - Evil is - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
Dumbluck - "Lucky" - 2008 ( Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - "Colt Whitmore Show Theme" - 2008 (Penalty Box Recordings)
The Bad Apples - "KB Studios Jingle" - 2008 (Penalty Box Recordings)

It's like that - ft. Pace Won - radio KRCL 90.9 Friday Night Fallout

It's like that - ft. Pace Won
K.I.M. - internet radio Globe Radio - Weekend Rap Up
Tubafer - Greatest Snow on Earth Mixtape



The Bad Apples are a hip-hop conglomerate made up of extreme wordplay and raw beats. Based out of Salt Lake City, they have been paving paths through the main stream since they stepped out of the booth.
The crew consists of Mike Booth, Sir Louis Wildamiss, MC Pig Pen and Captain Dane'O on the 1 & 2's . Guest appearances from Verse One, Pace Won (Outsidaz), Hades, and B. Grimm to name a few.

Although he has been known by different monikers, Mike Booth has kept his tenacity for laying ill rhymes and making fresh beats. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas, he has been involved in every aspect of hip-hop since the late 80’s. Mike made his first stage performance in 1992 at the Huntridge in Vegas rapping with the Poetic Hoodlums and FBI. He started Ha Style Records with Justin Butler in 1998 and they went on to release a few classics including the Fantazmic 4 “Self Titled Debut” and MK Ultra’s “Drivin on Rugs D”. He moved to Salt Lake after a brief stint on the east coast, and started Penalty Box Recordings in 2005. Since then he has helped produce and engineer several projects, which leads him to the present and the arrival of the Bad Apples.
Sir Louis Wildamiss was raised on the mean streets of West Valley, but now resides in West Valley. Mista Munny Bags or Sir Lou as his friends call him, has been writing rhymes for five years now. He may be the youngest of the group, but you’d never know it when he raps.
A recent addition to The Bad Apples,MC Pig Pen has been killing in the hip hop scene since the mid 90's. Born and raised in Colorado , he started out freestyling at moore middle school. From that he switched gears toward the very strong hip hop scene up in Boulder Colorado. Spinning records and Rocking the mic at all of the House Parties and shows all over Boulder. Pig and his crew ATC quickly took over the boulder scene playing shows with the likes of Mos Def, Wu-Tang, Jurassic-5, Living Legends, BInary Star, and many more.. In 2000 Pig Pen moved to Utah and met up with local mc's to form one of utah's freshest crews the filthy unit, Pig has been working with Mike Booth ever since to form Penalty Box Records, The Rek Center Allstars And now the freshest of the fresh THE BAD APPLES.
Together they have shared the stage with Fatlip and Tre Hardson (Pharcyde), Z-Man and Ra The Rugged Man. Mike Booth has been billed with such acts as Hieroglyphics, Shape Shifters, Jurassic 5, and LMNO, just to name a few. The duo provides dope lyrics over solid beats that make for an energetic live show you shouldn't miss.

Mike Booth also produces and hosts their weekly internet radio show / podcast the "Weekend Rap Up" on Globe Radio every Saturday from 12-2 pm Mtn standard time! Mc Pig Pen has been a staple addition to the Weekend Rap Up. Tune in... Weekend Rap Up Dot Com!