The Bad Dads

The Bad Dads

 La Grange, Illinois, USA

The Bad Dads rock. Classic. Blues. Jam. Since 2002.


The Bad Dads. Rock. We could, and probably should, stop there but since band bios are never succinct we'll blather on some more bout how good we are and how much we sound like this or don't sound like that band … not. In truth, we're just four guys who enjoy playing music for our friends and unsuspecting strangers. We live in roughly the same neighborhood and we mostly get along.

Anyone who's been in a band knows that personality differences ultimately derail most combos. Anyone who's been in a band and been married with kids knows that family demands almost always trump band demands. So, personality differences and family demands often combine to doom any average middle aged rock outfit. Not so with The Bad Dads. We have overcome these obstacles in the name of the music. Since 2002, The BDs have shown up, tuned up and turned up at a variety of venues and for a variety of audiences. And it's always an honor to be asked back, as we often are, to do what we enjoy most. Rock.