The Badical

The Badical

 London, England, GBR

A live dance music act using a unique selection of homemade equipment and software to create a truly live, one-of-a-kind experience.


Alex Godoy and Andrew Marsh, known collectively as The Badical return to London’s underground dance scene with a whole new sound, based off a new self-built live improv software set up utilizing cycling 74s new MAX 4 LIVE software. Crafting their sound from meticulously programmed synth sounds, sub ripping bass and bone crushing beats the duo have transformed their DJ set into a truly live, one-of-a-kind experience.

The Badical have been laying waste to Londons dancefloors for the best part of a decade now, with Alex starting out in 2005 playing solo gigs under the Badical name. Hooking up with, then, classmate Andrew Marsh The Badical became a duo, their sound radically evolving over the course of their musical career, along with their live performance and studio techniques. Having cut their teeth playing alongside such luminaries as Bogdan Raczynski, the Squire of Gothos and The XX, along with being key residents at underground events across the capital The Badical have put in the hours and slowly perfected their craft, honing their sound over the years.

With the adaptability of MAX 4 LIVE allowing them to reach a new level of interaction with their audience, The Badical 2.0 is now go.

Recently the duo remixed Modeselektor’s Dark Side Of The Sun and have released it for free via their myspace and facebook pages. Experienced in their field and at the top of their game, yet with still so much to explore and offer The Badical are as dancefloor smashing, original and inspirational as ever. It's great to have them back.


Tengu Acid (single)
ACIID EP - (radio airplay on kiss fm)