The Bad Influence

The Bad Influence

 Broome, Western Australia, AUS

Walkabout Boys are a five piece Indigenous Country Rock Reggae act hailing from the remote Yiyili Community in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Playing with a passion, their music reflects their unique Country, and the wonderful people that live there.


Formed in 2011 The Bad Influence are an indigenous five piece act playing a Special blend of rock, country and blues. Bringing together a blend of cultures from the Pilbara and South-West Regions of Western Australia they play raw rocking originals that tell tales which instantly recreate the stories and journeys of their lives with sweet harmonies and killer vocals the recall the sounds of Alan Jackson and Bob Segar.

With a first gig supporting Troy Cassar-Daley at the Nindji Nindji Festival in August 2011 playing to a thousand-strong crowd, The Bad Influence's rapid rise in the West Australian Music Industry has seen them performing at Survival 2012, the 2012 Hedland Rider's Show supporting Raise the Flag, and opening NAIDOC 2012 in Perth, WA.

Fresh from winning the Best of the North West battle of the bands The Bad Influence opened the inaugural North West Festival in August 2012, featuring in a line up that included The Hilltop Hoods and the Cat Empire. Having toured extensively throughout Western Australia The Bad Influence are ready to take to the world, with their Pilbara special sound sure to get under your skin leaving you hanging for more.


I See You

Written By: Brad Hall/The Bad Influence

A cold wind blows through my leather coat.
I’m out here on this road and I know
It won’t take me home where I left you on your own

But I see you everywhere, see you everywhere.
Everywhere I go

A full moon night shines so bright.
See the tears in my eyes.
But I don’t want, don’t want to cry.
Coz I’m sick, sick of your lies

But I see you everywhere, I see you everywhere.
Everywhere I go

No matter where I go, No matter where I go

A house so bright, lit up at night
Can’t see a sign, something’s not right
You hit the road, left an empty home
So I just stay, here on my own

But I see you everywhere, I see you everywhere.
Everywhere I go

Everywhere I go (repeat)

But I see you everywhere, I see you everywhere.
Everywhere I go