The Bad Off

The Bad Off


The Bad Off is: Loud, Positive, Upright, Rock and Roll


At the start of 2008 the compelling full length debut from New Orleans own raw, rough, and sparkly darlings The Bad Off was released. 'Ladyday' quickly stroked and finessed the Crescent City press and its audience would soon be steeped in somethin' New from Now Orleans.
One Part; Keith Hajjar, Brian Berthiaume, Daniel Lauricella, Erik Corveaux. Two Parts; Hook and Melody. One Shake; Panache. The result, a dish called success, best served hot! The four members of the band, with verve and whack, parlay the stylings of street Life, alleys, summertime, nighttime, lovers, and more street Life., ..... just right.
Since October of 2004 TBO's tightly wound blend of hard, bombastic swagger ala70's rock and roll has turned heads and volume knobs way up. With strong live performances and attendance, the 2005 EP 'Twilight in Eclipse' showcased The Bad Off as a force majeure. However, the very sudden and beautiful transition of New Orleans would take precedence for the band members and their audience. The 2008 follow up 'Ladyday' earned multiple features in New Orleans Gambit Weekly, CUE Magazine, Antigravity Magazine, and a dazzling online cult following that includes The Bad Off were recently asked to lend their sophisticated and progressive sound for the WTUL compilation "Songs From the Basement Vol.#6." Confident and New Orleans proud, they have been a first pick for many venues and promoters as support for the National Circuit touring the SouthEast.


better way to drown

Written By: The Bad Off

tonight tonight
i'll make it to the island
i'll cross the waves
i'll cross my heart
and tonight it seems
that the deep blue wants me
i'll swim the waves
oh i'll swim the heart


what better way than drownin baby
than to go down in your arms
if the tide is meant to crash in
i'll crash right into your arms

in pearl cool light
i see the water shining
i'll swim the waves
i'll swim your heart
but tonight i leave
before the tide comes in
i'll make my way
drown in your heart

Chrous 2X

so tonight
i leave the shores tonight
but i'll never leave
your arms tonight

let me drown in baby
and go down in your arms
if the tide is meant to crash in
i'll crash right into your arms
open your arms babe
and i'll go down to your call
if the tide is meant to crash in
i'll crash right into your arms
what better way

you see all this light...

Written By: The Bad Off

i'll never tire
i'll never sway
i'll keep it straight
straight in is
how i like it
you wanna try
you wanna see
well i'll treat it right cuz
i got you if you lose it
the saint howl
in my ear
and i heard it right
i started thinkin about the first night
when she said
come on out
you come here
baby you're so bright
you can't hide it

you light all the candles you see all this light
you turn around i wanna see all the beautiful light

now that runnin out
will get it down
cuz the ghetto down the street
is what
what you make it
well let it out
come here
i said come here and well
i got you when the gots ghet
ghett it
burn the wire
turn it on
you keep it on
and when you get to your master
you leave with
all the fate
hangin on
cuz you move on a little faster

Chorus 2X

live on this light...


Written By: The Bad Off

where are the white doves
when they leave the city
here come the brave ones
are comin up again
two star shot lovers
right outta the nighttime heavy
yeah i wanna see you
down in the moonlight baby

when the bombs start droppin love
we all knocked out on the thrills
when the bombs start droppin love
you run

its so romantic
when you livin in the city
and the radiostatic
that got us shakin up again
two hearts that getaway
right outta the nighttime heavy
yeah i wanna see you
down in the moonlight baby


ooh you got nowhere to run.
don't worry you got my love
and when the record spins babe,
its you and me under the sun.
got nowhere to run.
don't worry you got my love
and when the wreckage clears babe
its you and me under the tunnel of love.

tell your mama...
you aint comin home again
you gotta tell your papa...
you been out with me again


what are you runnin' from?

Written By: The Bad Off

i know some movers and shakers.
who got somethin to say every now and then.
you changed some i heard it say.
hearsay is all i hear these days.
when it hits me little lark in the breeze.
well along comes one tall cool shot in the breeze.

whatchu runnin from
aint ya had enough?
give your heart to love.
no more runnin cuz'
you come callin on.
into the house of love
you let it all off
cuz' i got enough.

i come from midnight to prover.
i am the sunrise and my world begins.
you saved some some i heard it say.
my my my so much pull and sway.
when it hits me no time to retrieve.
well along comes one cool shot in the breeze.

Chorus 2X

it's mine.
the infinite blossom.
the taste of a morning.
just a little more time.

step on up
you welcome anytime
to a kiss of this tall glass standin here
all i wanna hear


86.8 Proof

Written By: Jeri Cain Rossi/The Bad Off

86.8 proof

Let me take you inside my body
There's a place that we can visit
Give me
Give me a home
With your arms wrapped around me
like a tourniquet.

I'm staring at the stars
contemplating all of them falling
I laid it all on the table
and stuck a knife right in my back
I need 86.8 proof in my hand
to have and to hold
what my arms do lack.

What I want to touch most
doesn't want to touch me back

I feel like no shallow poet
I've been thinking and drinking
about a thing this way

Without you, I am lonely
but with you,
I'm alone anyway

The sweet little thing that I love most keeps on wondering when I'll go away...


Twilight In Eclipse: 2005 EP
Lady Day: 2007 LP

Set List

Sticking to original material with an occasional cover our 45min./1hr-15min set list consists of songs from 'Twilight in Eclipse' and 'Lady Day' recordings along with new material.