The Bad Robots

The Bad Robots


The Bad Robots create songs that are a highly infectious mash of ska, rock and punk. They gracefully and manfully combine (using the latest scientific techniques) strong melodies with ska rock sensibilities.


The Bad Robots play an energetic mix of flat out rock and ska, combining the power of The Clash with the appeal of The Police, that has never yet failed to get even the quietest crowd dancing and yelling out for more. They bring to any party wonderful three minute tunes that can be both bounced around to and sung along to, even on the first listen, and have an infectious electric presence on stage that lights up even the coldest nights.

Ben, Midy and Nick have been playing together for only a few months, but have backgrounds that pull together influences from many years of playing in other bands. Coming from such varied places as jazz, punk, reggae and pop, they each bring their own individual touches to The Bad Robots to make the sound what it is.

For more information, please feel free to have a look around at , which will be launched in full on Monday the 17th of October 2005.


A three song Demo is available directly from the band, with their album to be finished by the end of the year!

Set List

Nothing is really set in stone, though we do have a tendancy to finish with a little tune entitled 'I've Had Enough', though we sincerely hope you haven't.