The Bad Sleep Well
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The Bad Sleep Well

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released 2008 on Capsule Records (



Some people are born into greatness, others into trouble. In a world where the deck is stacked against you, The Bad Sleep Well.

This three-piece got its start on the streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn playing to inebriated miscreants at local watering holes like The Charleston, the Pussycat Lounge, Sputnik Bar and Trash. Their sound has its roots in good old rock, but reflects the diverse make-up of the group:

Dre Black, son of a notorious French-Canadian bootlegging family, got his start playing backwater whaling and logging towns across Quebec and the "Noveau Monde". As word of his past spread and his involvement in the national Separatist movement grew more and more dangerous, Dre chose to escape his home for the crowded and anonymous streets of Brooklyn, New York. It was in the dark, sweaty warehouses and basements of the local Trance scene that Dre Black encountered his first ally and musical collaborator, Earth-Man Ben.

Details of Earth-Man's origins are sparse, and even he seems uncertain of his past. If pressed, he will reluctantly admit to having one day just woken up in the City, "with a song in my heart and a boot up my ass." Earth-Man Ben fears all things, most especially waking up somewhere else in a similar condition. Dre and Ben became tight mates and it was their combined paranoia and love for 60's psychedelic rock that caused them to seek refuge in an abandoned pencil factory in Greenpoint. They built a studio and barricaded themselves against the world.

When they decided to expand their outfit, a man identifying himself only as "Pete" showed up at the door of their Greenpoint hideout. It is commonly believed that he is actually Ezra Orestes "Sneaky Pete" Batson, known to authorities in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Not much else is known of his background. When asked, he will only drawl, "Well, in Rockyface we had to make our own fun." "Pete" apparently made his way north by way of juke-joints, dives and roadhouses up the east coast eventually landing in New York. Though he is not a quiet man, it is nonetheless difficult to discern many details about him, due to his distrustful nature and unintelligible accent. His bandmates are still trying to figure out what "hawse" and "fiddin" mean.

All together they began to craft a sound that is rich and distinct despite being only a 3 piece. All members feel equally comfortable on a variety of instruments and enjoy writing original music that borrows from their influences ( Radiohead, Pulp, The Wailers, Will Oldham, Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow...). They have been playing in and around New York City for the last 2 years at clubs like The Cake Shop, Crash Mansion and Trash Bar. They all maintain a healthy distrust of The Chump.