The Baketones
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The Baketones

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Gus' Pub, March 5"

Next up were the Baketones who barrelled through a set of down and dirty rock and roll. They were by far the showiest band of the night and their set was nothing short of electric. Their first song, an explosive cover of the Yardbird’s “Train Kept A-Rollin”, was a perfect introduction to what followed. Their sound was like a cross between the Who, the Mc5 and a package of firecrackers.
The Baketones’ keyboard player, Rob Corrigan, blew me away. He strutted onstage dressed in coveralls with an old plastic keyboard strapped to him like a guitar. The Energy on the stage was unbelievable, especially for so early in the night, and Mr. Corrigan performed like a man possessed. During their last song, Rob began bashing his keyboard with his fists, sending keys and various bits of plastic flying in the air. Not content with merely disabling the keyboard, he flung it off the stage and it landed in the middle of the dance floor. Its impact sent plastic debris in all directions like a Fisher Price hand grenade. While the band pounded out the last sustained chords of the song one of the waiters approached Rob with what I thought was a broom, turns out it was a baseball bat. Rob used the bat to bash the ever-loving shit out what was left of his keyboard and then handed the bat off to audience members to finish the job. It was really, really badass.

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"The Baketones are locals faves"

It's not often that a band receives unanimous praise from the likes of But The Baketones managed to inspire five pages of accolades on the local message board---after their first show ever, this past February.

"I wondered how we managed to dupe all these people," says guitarist Morgan Rigby. After a quick listen at the band's MySpace, it's not really hard to see why everyone is losing it over The Baketones---they're really fucking good. The band claims they are inspired by "the bands that inspired The Yardbirds and The Yardbirds" and their songs bleed dirty, bluesy garage. "I'm A Caveman" is a weird psych freakout a la King Khan, complete with grunts, while "My Sights Are Set On You" features singer Ben Kelly barking come-ons over a nasty guitar riff.

The band says they're evaluating an offer from a Montreal record label and looking for a new keyboard player. Mostly, they seem baffled by the attention.

"I didn't expect anyone to like what we're doing," says Kelly. "I guess we're doing something right."
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Formed in September 2008, The Baketones began with friends Scott Burke, Ben Kelly, and Morgan Rigby, who frequently jammed together. One day, they decided that if they were going to play music together every week, they may as well start doing it right. "Bobby Fuller", the first song written by the band, was then composed by Kelly and Rigby. Days later, Burke handed a demo to Rigby for a song he had, "I Do It My Own Way", and asked him to "garage it up". The new version would become the second song in their collection. "Innocent Man" would be crafted a couple of days later and suddenly, a sound was beginning to emerge. Now, a drummer was still needed to level out the sound. Carlos Garduño answered an ad for the position, taking on drums in December. The group quickly became close friends, practicing for hours each week, expanding on their creative impulses and developing the songs they would soon begin to perform. The stage was set for Rob Corrigan to enter the fray. Joining in September, after one jam, the band knew it was complete, and so...
Prepare for the soul of rock n' roll to appear out of the caves again. HOOHOOHAAHAAHAA!!!!!