The Bandar-Log

The Bandar-Log

 Auburn, Alabama, USA

The Bandar-log represent a convergence of styles. Combining the lyricism and attitudes of folk-music and early punk with musical arrangements ranging from '70's funk and reggae to classic and indie rock, the Bandar-log emphasize originality of composition and the raw dynamics of live performance.


The Bandar-log make music that makes sense…to them. Sometimes, what a minimalist dance-punk song needs is a guitar solo so over the top it would make Sly Stone weep. Sometimes a folk song needs a handful of slapped bass. Sometimes a doo-wop song requires vocal cords to get bloody. The Bandar-log are not random for the sake of randomness itself…there is method to the madness, but it is hard to explain.

Some of these songs are about bad break-ups and unlucky love. Some are hymns about atomic rainfall in the shape of carrion-birds. Some of these songs are about going your own way and standing up for your choices in life. At least one of these songs is an imaginary deathbed chat between MLK Jr. and his wife. All of these songs are about the unseen forces that shape each and every one of us.

Sometimes, music is a game with very strict rules. When it is, we follow those rules like diligent students. But sometimes, music is a ball of lightning. The ball of lightning is shaped like Sasquatch and it beckons you into a fiery forest with a wink and a howl. And we follow that too.


LP title: AK-747
1) Broken Shoulders
2) Evolution Wind
3) Crows Called Liars
4) Sleepwalking Plea
5) Corretta, Watch Me
6) Teeth like a Guillotine
7) Mechanical Mistress
8) Grey Brothers
9) Godspeed and Gone
10) Goodnight Ashes, Goodnight Sand

Currently receives regular airplay on WEGL 91.1 and MIXX 96.7 in Auburn and 95.1 in Montgomery.

Set List

Our original set list is :
Litter in the River
Good Hunting
Teeth Like a Guillotine
Godspeed and Gone
A Place of Gunpowder and Gold
Fortune's Orphan
Back on the Shelf
Corretta Watch Me
My Grey Brothers
Sleepwalking Plea
Mechanical Mistress
Hell Just Has a Ladder
Evolution Wind
Goodnight Ashes, Goodnight Sand
Broken Shoulders
Crows Called Liars
Third Wheel Spoke
Fingers, Hands, and Also-rans

Our covers are:
Johnny Cash - Stripes
The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba
The Beatles - Come Together
The Animals - Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Tom Petty - Walls