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Auburn, Alabama, United States | SELF

Auburn, Alabama, United States | SELF
Band Rock Funk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Local band The Bandar-log brings out college crowd"

Amid the electric-orange glow and festive tiki huts at Rooster’s on Thursday night, Auburn’s local band The Bandar-log delivered a show that made the bar’s crowd experience body movement and mood improvement that put even their beers to shame.

As they usually do, the people in the audience felt the energy of the music in their own special ways. Heads bobbed, eyes watched, hips swung and even a couple bodies couldn’t help but to thrash in response.

The band rocked full-force until the end, and members of the Rooster’s staff were digging it, too.

“I like the genre of music they play,” bartender and senior in graphic design Rachel Penn said. “It fits in well here.”

The Bandar-log’s music features funk-driven drums and bass with a straight rock and reggae influence on the melody.

Vocal styles are focused on storytelling and songwriting, which is exemplified in “Coretta Watch Me,” a song about an imaginary conversation between Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife at the moment of his death, and also in “Fortune’s Orphan,” which relates a tale about a bad break-up.

“The first thing I noticed about their sound is it’s unique,” said Eduardo Leon, professor of foreign language at Auburn University. “The singing and the way they verbalize their songs are unique, plus they do an awesome cover of Johnny Cash.”

The Bandar-log members consist of lead guitarist Matthew Wise, rhythm guitarist and vocalist David Norwood, drummer Sam Whigham and bassist John McMeans.

Having performed at Rooster’s several times before, the band was certain it’d be a good time, but they found themselves particularly pleased with how things went.

“The sound guy did an awesome job,” Whigham said. “I think it was one of the better sounding shows that we’ve done.”

Their set included 12 original songs and two covers: Stripes by Johnny Cash and Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by The Animals.

For two of their songs a local rapper known as Cuzz Gambino joined in for some freestyle rapping on top of funky beats.

“I think the show went really well overall,” McMeans said. “Cuzz brought the house down, and we had a pretty good crowd.”

To check Cuzz Gambino’s original raps, go to

The Bandar-log traveled to Florence, Ala., on Friday, where they played at The Smoke House.

They’ll continue moving from city to city in upcoming shows which are scheduled to take place at The Olde Auburn Ale House on March 14 and Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, Ga., on March 16.

On April 17 and May 2, the band will play at The Olde Auburn Ale House.

To check out live performance videos and recently recorded tracks visit - The Auburn Plainsman

"Local band gets chance to perform in front of thousands"

The Bandar-Log, a local garage funk band named after “The Jungle Book”’s monkeys, is a finalist for a spot at the Montgomery Jubilee Cityfest. To insure they win this Battle of the Bands for the Memorial Day weekend show, the band members excite Auburn music lovers to get online and vote.

Dave Norwood (vocals/guitar), Matt Wise (lead guitar), John McMeans (Bass), and Russell Knight (drum) insisted that their sound was unique enough to appeal to the wide audience at the festival.

“The Bandar-Log represents a convergence of styles,” declares their Battle of the Bands online bio. “Combining the lyricism and attitudes of folk-music and early punk with musical arrangements ranging from ‘70’s funk and reggae to classic and indie rock, the Bandar-log emphasize originality of composition and the raw dynamics of live performance.”

Next to a high energy performance that shows the rest of Alabama what music is coming out of Auburn, McMeans said that the group is most looking forward to getting a picture with L.L. Cool J, who also will be playing the Cityfest along side 3 Doors Down, Darius Rucker, Hinder, and Montgomery Gentry.
Self-confessed the “nerdiest band in town,” Mcmeans said that the group was selected for the battle through an application process that Wise’s mom told them about. They are now the only Auburn band in the running, said Knight.

Originally co-workers at a local wing delivery store, Norwood and McMeans were playing together before forming The Bandar-Log with Wise in early 2008. Knight is a recent addition do to creative differences with the former drummer, said McMeans.

The band just released their first CD which is available for preview on MySpace. Norwood said that the group is in the works of getting it on iTunes and packaging it up for local music retailers.

The group plays at the Ale House and Rooster’s almost monthly, but books shows at larger venues such as Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta routinely. The Bandar-Log is also scheduled to play the Ale House again on April 17 and WEGLfest on April 25.

The deadline to vote to see The Bandar-Log at the Montgomery Jubilee Cityfest is March 30, and the guys are spreading the call to action through facebook spamming and even a bit of bribery.

“It has come to my attention that you have to register to cast a vote in this Battle of the Bands. If you guys go to through the hassle to register and vote for us I will cook you dinner and be your BFF. And that’s forever,“ enticed McMean.

After the votes started ticking in, giving The Bandar-Log a 100 point lead on the closest competition, McMean retract the promise of domestic labor.
“I’ll still be your best friend, which is worth more than a cupcake,” he said. “Unless there are sprinkles.”

Knights approach to mobilizing fans nixes the frosting.

“We just irritate people until they like us,” he laughed.

The Bandar-Log is currently in the lead in the contest. To vote, visit Votes can be cast daily and the winner will be announced April 1.

To find out more about The Bandar-Log and hear music, visit
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LP title: AK-747
1) Broken Shoulders
2) Evolution Wind
3) Crows Called Liars
4) Sleepwalking Plea
5) Corretta, Watch Me
6) Teeth like a Guillotine
7) Mechanical Mistress
8) Grey Brothers
9) Godspeed and Gone
10) Goodnight Ashes, Goodnight Sand

Currently receives regular airplay on WEGL 91.1 and MIXX 96.7 in Auburn and 95.1 in Montgomery.



The Bandar-log make music that makes sense…to them. Sometimes, what a minimalist dance-punk song needs is a guitar solo so over the top it would make Sly Stone weep. Sometimes a folk song needs a handful of slapped bass. Sometimes a doo-wop song requires vocal cords to get bloody. The Bandar-log are not random for the sake of randomness itself…there is method to the madness, but it is hard to explain.

Some of these songs are about bad break-ups and unlucky love. Some are hymns about atomic rainfall in the shape of carrion-birds. Some of these songs are about going your own way and standing up for your choices in life. At least one of these songs is an imaginary deathbed chat between MLK Jr. and his wife. All of these songs are about the unseen forces that shape each and every one of us.

Sometimes, music is a game with very strict rules. When it is, we follow those rules like diligent students. But sometimes, music is a ball of lightning. The ball of lightning is shaped like Sasquatch and it beckons you into a fiery forest with a wink and a howl. And we follow that too.