The Band Belief

The Band Belief

 Richmond, Virginia, USA
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THE BAND BELIEF is a Hip-Hop movement. Combining elements of Jazz, R&B, and Funk with conscious Hip Hop, the band creates progressive and thought provoking music - to positively impact society. It intends to spark the minds of the young and old through the message of peace, love and belief.


Disappointed with the direction contemporary Hip Hop was taking, One (emcee) and his friend Carroll (keys) believed they had something to offer the world. And so they decided to experiment with blending conscious rhymes with jazz undertones. Samantha (vocalist/singer) and Wes (vocalist/singer) joined a few months later, and were followed by Will (drummer) – one of the best drummers in VA. The group began infusing their respective and diverse influences into the sound. They named the group "The Band Belief" - based on the guiding principle they all shared: the belief that people deserved higher standards of lyrics and music; that music could be used as a vehicle to improve social harmony, educate the mind, and uplift the soul. Since then, The Band Belief has been using various musical elements from Jazz, Funk, R&B, Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop to create songs that resonate with people.
Backed by keys, drums, and strings, the impeccable flow of a cognizant emcee had combined with the soul filling voices of two vocalists, resulting in fresh-sounding music that stood for change.
The Band Belief's musical influences include progressive Hip Hop acts such as ‘Jurassic 5’ and ‘The Roots’; Composers and Jazz musicians like Chopin and Herbie Hancock; and artists like Nina Simone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson.
But the biggest influence on the band's sound and identity has come from the lives of hardworking people living in our societies and communities - from the people that value love, unity, and respect - and refuse to give in to the demands of violence, drugs and hatred. The Band Belief acknowledges the struggles and despairs of everyday people, and aims to celebrate life by paying homage to the potential of positivity surrounding all of us.
Since its formation in 2006, The Band Belief has had the great fortune of sharing the stage with such amazing artists as Chuck Brown, Anthony Hamilton, L.L. Cool J., Lyfe Jennings, MC Lyte, Chrisette Michelle, BBD, Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys and others. The band was a preferred group for the ‘Rock The Vote’ Campaign, through which they rallied youths across universities to register themselves as voters. When Jay-Z and Russell Simmons were rallying for President Obama, The Band Belief was alongside them and performed for the audience before the legends of Hip Hop addressed the crowd. They have also been featured as special guests for Jeff Robinson’s (Alicia Key’s Management, MBK) annual music showcase in MD.
The band has been just as fortunate to play at charitable and socially conscious events. They played for adoring crowds at the 2009 Special Olympics Walk-a-thon in VA, and for numerous rallies, youth ministries and college events.
The Band Belief's goal is to use music to promote unity and self & cultural awareness, and to support the general betterment of the communities and societies that surround us. It aims to empower the minds, hearts and souls of those who want to live meaningful lives, and leave behind powerful legacies.
Using elements of Jazz, Funk, R&B, Neo-soul and Hip-Hop to construct uplifting vibes that resonate with people of all ages, The Band Belief has managed to create commercially viable music that truly makes a difference.



Written By: One

So called friends from my home town-,
claiming they aint feeling my sound-
Always talking when I’m not around-,
but I’m too strong to be brought down-.
Picking and choosing when we’re best friends-,
when it’s beneficial, we some kin-.
Always got to be when you say when-,
needing money or a ride again-.
You want to roll when we hit the road
if you do can you carry your load-.
Or practice some type of self control-,
or will you be that same old hole-.
Of an ass that’s stuck in the past-,
you don’t want to work, but you want it fast-.
Always talking about everyone else-,
ever try focusing on yourself-.
Smoking, drinking, and getting high-,
is what you do as time flies by-.
So quick to lie and justify-,
whenever you’re wrong you’re too head strong-
To apologize or say my bad-,
you’re the worse friend that I ever had-.
You claim I think I’m better than you-,
No. that’s just you.

(Hook Repeat Once)
It’s time you re evaluate your life-,
before you can’t turn back the oh please think twice-.
It’s time you re evaluate your life-,
before you pay and can’t afford the price-,
think twice-. Don’t be a Fooool!

A lot of Emcee’s like to talk a lot-,
bragging about things they know they aint got-.
Trying hard to seem like we got it made-,
when only a few of us are really paid-.
Who made it cool for Emcee’s to kill-?
What do guns have to do with mic skills-?
Who says being a nigga is keeping it real-?
And do I have to smoke weed to get a record deal-?
Who says I have to go to jail y’all-?
And act ignorant as hell-.
And since sex sells young black females-,
pull out your breasts and show some tail-.
Who in their right mind calls themselves a bitch-?
Which real man scratches where he doesn’t itch-?
Which conscious Emcee in his rhymes-,
curses almost all the time-?
Think about it… while y’all do bids-,
whose protecting your own wife and kids-?
But hey forget them, they’ll raise themselves-
while we blame others for exploiting ourselves-.
See all this madness has to stop-
‘cause its killing the business of Hip Hop-.
It’s hard for Belief to even get a show-,
‘cause when they hear rap, they’re like “Hell No”-!
The last time we rented our facilities out-,
fist fights broke out, and shots rang out-.
And people got crushed in the melee-,
and police used kegs of pepper spray-.
To calm the ignorant crowd-,
that was acting so damn wild-.
This is a fact. Because of a few,
they make it seem like all of us don’t know how to act!
(Hook Repeat Once)
It’s time you re evaluate your life-,
before you can’t turn back the oh please think twice-.
It’s time you re evaluate your life-,
before you pay and can’t afford the price-,
think twice-. Don’t be a Fooool!

Raise it up

Written By: One

Behold! Let me explain-
Why I took so long to get in the game.
I was chillin while the whack emcee’s put theirs out-
So I could prove what flowing is all about. –
I had to wait, until my number was called-
Hieroglyphics’ were written on the walls. –
That one would come with a sword of a tongue-
That gets the job done… He’s that ONE! –
Y’all saw that movie with jet Li-
That one who survived at the end was me-
overcoming all odds for the sake of the quest-
Ezekiel 3:9 describes me best-
For instance… I flow like fluid in your knee caps-
emcees couldn’t see me with infrared contacts-
I do what I want in this league-
I’m like Shaq being played by Buddy Lee-
Ain’t nothing y’all can do, but complain-
I’ll have emcees afraid to say their own names-
Like Rumplestilskin my mind is so in tune-
I bend mics and be like ‘there is no spoon’-
or competition… when I spit it seems-
Like you staring directly into truck high beams-
Go ahead and scream, it has begun-
the takeover…. By the ONE.

(Hook Repeat Once)
If you feel it in your heart… Raise it up!
If you feel it in your dome… Raise it up!
If you feel it in your guts… Raise it up!
If you feel it in your soul… Raise it up!
At first I really didn’t want to draw my sword-
but hearing emcee really made me board-
and the listeners yarned for a change-
these studio thugs talk real strange-
I stood in crowds with folded arms-
feeling the tracks, but the words to the song- was wrong…
It had me tense- cause 85% of rappers don’t make sense-
or care how they look, displaying dismay-
I tried to walk away with nothing to say-
but the mic… just wouldn’t allow-
me to turn my back, with this style-
that rests in my chest dormant for a sec-
becoming aggravated by all the B. S-
Am I the only one with ears to see-
all these whack emcees in the industry-
all they talk about is murder, sex, drugs, and cars-
While my thoughts grow vegetation on mars-
give me 16 bars, and stand aside-
from this day forth I shall not hide- my power!
When I drop my chin-
I blend words with wind that ah make your head spin-
tell Yoda & Ben to check themselves-
after Luke & Leiya, no one else- would come!!!
Where they get that from-
I guess they couldn’t even envision the one-
who means what he says, says what he means,
I come to fulfill and too redeem-
a culture, that has been lost-
I ain’t trying to be false,
no matter the cost-
I’ll shine…. Like the sun-
if you see me in your path, run!

(Hook Repeat Once)
No one can knock me, stop me, block me-
I call it bless, you might call it cocky-
I go all out trying to reach the top see-
my style so fresh- yours so sloppy-
the flow I blow is a direct link-
to the body of a lion, noise of the sphinx-
the ears of a man who has heard his elders-
crying the blues long before there was Elvis-
I spit fear like Malcolm X-
my cerebral connects like Professor X-
my strength is the muscle that’s in my chest-
you can love or hate me, it’s your stress-
it’s nothing, it comes so naturally-
for me to flow like water, straight from the sea-
N.I.C.E. on the M.I.C.-
anger me and I’ll turn into a tsunami.-
Hating on my lips, say I look like Jay-Z.-
ladies run from you, they power walk to me.-
they say things like I help them to see-.
That there is no bond, there is no free-.
I’m on a mission if you listen real closely-.
You can feel the ancestors speaking through me-.
I study my 5 x 73-.
My style is flowing intelligently-.
So stand up! If you feel my energy-.
I can’t contain what’s inside of me-.
I moved in, there goes the industry-.
I am this way because of G.O.D!
If you feel what I’m saying and you like it live-.
Put your hands up and wave them from side to side-.
And if you don’t give a damn about what they think-.
Put your hands up! Put your hands up!

Relate to Me

Written By: One

I know it’s hard for you to open up-.
Because your last break-up really broke you up-
And you feel that you can’t trust men again-.
I’m not looking is what you keep telling your girlfriends-.
When it comes up, about you needing a man-,
it’s the weekend, and you refuse to make plans-
With anyone belonging to the opposite sex-,
and it’s been several months since you saw your ex-.
Now you’re mad at your team, because it seems-.
Whenever you need a hug, they’re heading to Club Love-.
And the next day in town, they won’t come around-.
Because they’re chillin with their men at home on lock down-.
And you’re paranoid thinking that their men don’t like you-.
To tell the truth, they really don’t like you-.
Cause you be calling all the time like a bill collector-.
And you can hear them in the background
like “you need to check her”-.
Don’t disrespect her.
She’s been through a lot-.
Gave her ex her all, and he broke her heart-
and no man understands how to heal-.
A woman who thinks that she can no longer feel-.
(Hook Repeat Once)
Can you relate 2 me… So much you can see…
When it comes 2 you and me… So much we could be…
It’s been a minute since you attempted to do your hair-.
And your attitude is like, “Shoot girl, I don’t even care”-.
And even in big t-shirt and baggy sweats-.
You get hollered at; you can’t hide all of your assets-.
You’re blessed with a physical form-.
If you were shaped like a boy,
you wouldn’t turn me on-.
So don’t take any compliments the wrong way-.
I know it’s true; most of us don’t know or care what to say-.
In the presence of a woman so fine-
with a side to side game that ah put out your mind-.
So if one attempt to get at you the wrong way-
make eye contact, stay calm and say-.
“We can talk; if you won’t disrespect me-.
Are you a provider? Can you protect me-?
Are you playing games or are you being for real-?
Cause I need me a man that I can mentally feel-.
(Hook Repeat Once)
Can you relate 2 me… So much you can see…
When it comes 2 you and me… So much we could be…
The more time we spend, the closer we become-.
And tonight you say you want to hook up with one-.
I understand, because I’m feeling the vibe-
you want a man beside you that can provide for you-.
Security and maturity
got you telling your friends that you’re feeling me-.
“He cooks for me, the way he looks at me”, got’em all like,
“Aunh Aunh! You done gave him some-!
Ah Auhn. Don’t put the business out-.
No mention of your ex - got your mind on next-.
Got your cell on roam as we shift time zones-
you’re too valuable to leave home alone-.
The love we share, as I sweat out your hair-
and breathe the same air, I’ll take you there-.
Upon the highest square where emotions are real-
as I provide a love that I know you are going to feel!
(Hook Repeat Once)
Can you relate 2 me… So much you can see…
When it comes 2 you and me… So much we could be…


Raise it up
Walk hard
VA - Radio Airplay
No One
Shrimp Fried Rice
Relate to Me

Set List

Our sets can range anywhere from one 30 minute to two 50 minute sets - depending on the event, and its' requirements. The event can also determine whether we play some of our more upbeat material (Walk Hard, Raise it up), or some chill, laid back songs (Down, Fool).

A Typical set consists of a 50 minute set that starts of with No One, and maintains momentum throughout, ending with Raise it Up.