bill is a piano led band that plays upbeat pop music. You'll hear rumors that a band member is the bastard child of Billy Joel; there are some that claim the likeness to Ben Folds and Steely Dan is evident. A listen to the band's music will clear up why bill gained nat'l attention in Rolling Stone.


The story of bill begins with two friends (Jonathan Coyle and David Marciano) who grew up together in Long Island, NY. When they were fifteen years old and playing surf rock guitar covers in Jon's basement they would have never imagined that over 10 years later they would be making original music together on the other side of the country in San Diego. bill actually began in the fall of 2003 after Jon graduated from Ithaca College where his classical study on piano would surely become an identifying quality of the music. Upon hooking up with Dave on the west coast he wrote many songs fusing an inherent jazz influence. The dichotomy of classical and jazz influence mixed with a modern pop accessibility is what sets apart bill's sound from the rest. They are a group who can be enjoyed by music aficionados as well as the general listener. Though a great amount of time and care goes into the arrangements of the music, there is also a level of enjoyment that comes along with this process that can be seen in watching these guys play live or work in the studio.


Come Again

Written By: Jonathan Coyle

Have you ever known someone who always seems makes the best of
Anything they get, don’t let it change a thing on the surface
So easy to forget

Take it all away and still it doesn’t change
The way they feel about life now
Count their blessings when the day is at an end
They will come again. Yeah they will come again

Have you ever known something that always seems to ring true anywhere you go
Solid as a stone and open to only those who chose to view

Take it all away and still it doesn’t change
The way I feel about you now
Count my blessings when the day is at an end
They will come again. Yeah they will come again

Drivers Seat

Written By: Jonathan Coyle

Hang on to your head when you are traveling down
an empty road in the middle of the night
The towns are only names that the distance will gauge
between the breaks and spaces through every state line
When my eyes feel like weights so heavy and something's got to give
before I fall into a deep and restful place

Then I would awake in a place
I couldn't make any sense of direction, any sense of my way
It took me but a minute to remember I was in it
a drivers seat pulling to an untimely sleep

How did you know I would still be behind the wheel
When you woke up saying "are we there yet"
I think you know we have so many miles to go
But this conversation will make us forget

I See the Light

Written By: Jonathan Coyle

So here we are now in a story with no end
As we turn the page again
And where we go next is just an educated guess
So keep me in check and I’ll keep you in suspense

And here we are now walking down the road that goes
Deep inside a fortress of mind
And as we move on though the journey may be long
It’s worth it to know that the best is yet to find

So go and tell the world outside that we’ll be there
Waiting for the sun (tide) to rise just to be there
If you pull the wool over my eyes I won’t be scared
Though I know that may be the last time I see the light

So here we are now trying to make the best of a situation
I think we know now that it’s getting out of control
If we could go back I’d be with you in a heartbeat we’d take it down another street
But it’s too late for that when this road has been taking its toll

I know the way to a place we can stay
Please come with me before it gets too late


Written By: Jonathan Coyle

Oh doctor, give me what I need
I've got insatiable hunger I'm trying to feed
'Cause no matter how much I take in
I can't get enough
And no matter what I put out
it's not good enough
always just a little touch away from the perfection that I seek

Will you take me there
I can go anytime, anyway, anywhere
If we leave real soon
We might have time to enjoy the afternoon

Oh driver, let me out of the car
You've got to slow this vehicle down now before we get too far
'Cause no matter how much I travel
I can't go fast enough
I guess if you're coming or going
might just call my bluff
Always just a little touch of truth hiding behind those reeling eyes

The Under Toad

Written By: Jonathan Coyle

Please excuse me but I think you’ve gone too far
Close to the edge, won’t you stay where you are
I tend to wear my worry under a thick protective coat
Surround my expectations in a swiftly raging moat

There is not a boat that can carry us through this storm
The tides are known to change but the sails that trap the wind are worn

And anywhere you go is no longer in control
So just swim with the current instead of fighting the Under Toad
‘Cause there is not a chance that we’ll ever escape its path
But please don’t stray too far from me and I’ll do my best to ease my grasp

Please excuse me for the fear I feel today
I get big ideas and then get carried away
Then I place too much on the shoulders that are strong
Hot to the touch after the fever’s dead and gone

There is not a man who is tough enough to withstand
The pressures over time will turn these rocks to sand

And this I know
Soon you will go
Into this world alone
But you should know I am here you need not fear


Singles/Radio Airplay: Sound Scientist, Good as Gold

LPs: End of The Hits (2008)
Birthday Suit (2006)

EPs: Blue Roof Session II (2007)
Blue Roof Session I (2006)
bill (2003)

Set List

(Originals) Sound Scientist, Good as Gold, Foot in Mouth, Panacea, Breakthrough, Kiss the Stone, Ocean Blue, Last Laugh, One for the Road, The Apple Don't Fall

This band plays anywhere from a 45 minute set to 2 hours depending on the event. Some common covers are Bohemian Rhapsody, Those Were the Days, Song for the Dumped, Wedding Singer Medley, The Big Rig Song, Free Credit, Take Your Mama Out, Benny and the Jets, Movin' Out, and just about whatever will get a crowd singing.