Armadale, Scotland, GBR

COhOLiC are a 21st century shotgun blast to the head exposing the sounds of Work, War, Anxiety, Sex and Serial Killers with a no-holds-barred live assault you will never forget.


Coholic are a 3 piece alternative rock band based in Scotland with dynamic, dramatic and passionate songs that zigzag across the borders into rock, punk and synth pop territory.

With this kind of passion twinned with their no-holds-barred live assault, they are truly a band to look out for.

Listing Manic Street Preachers, Rush, Idlewild, The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse and Our Lady Peace as their main influences, COhOLiC use technology to convey a much larger sound than one would expect from a 3 piece band.

This year will see them work on numerous recordings and continue their live assault across the whole of Scotland and beyond.

Keep your eyes open and your ears clean.

Coholic are coming


Blue Volt And The Noise (2011)

1. Like Me
2. iLL
3. Mainstream
4. Joyful Show
5. Confide
6. Swell
7. Screwloose
8. Waiting For Retirement
9. Escape Artist
10. You Are Not A Victim