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Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

Lawton, Oklahoma, United States
Rock Hard Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Deadweight on Local Licks"

Deadweight have a real arena rock, big guitar sound with classic rock, blues and just a touch of the old Motown R&B feel to it. With a wide range of influences from several different genres they’ve managed to take the best of it all and mix it together for an incredible sound that’s new but familiar. It’s just good rock n’ roll that’s meant to be listened to at excessive decibels! When I first heard of the band I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear this rock anthem, big ass, thick type sound. The name Deadweight brought to mind something entirely different. Being brand new I didn’t know anything about them or what they sounded like. The band recorded the 3 song sampler that was featured on the show just days prior. I didn’t get to hear it until they came in and we did the interview, I was blown away! It was a privilege to introduce them to the Lawton, Ft. Sill local music scene and to the Loyal, Royal Z94 Army. - Critter Z94


There's a new southern bluesy classic riffing band in town and they go by the name of Deadweight, and their music is anything but. Big guitars with sizzling lead riffs, big blues-based chugging, and vocals soulful enough to raise this unit above the pack. "Cosmic Lunch" is everything you'd hope for from a song with that title. Tasty morsels of psychedelic guitars searing and tearing through the classic riffs. And the fine treats don't stop there. I have no idea what "Gannymead" is but the song cooks along like a freight train, chugging off into southern blues rock nirvana. "Lady" slows things down enough for a classic-styled power ballad just long enough for "Stone Frog" to live up to the band's claim that they play voodoo reefer rock.

Check em out. Any band that lists Led Zeppelin, Red Fang, Baroness, Down, Pride and Glory, and Pabst Blue Ribbon as influences is a band right up our alley - Todd Severin The Ripple Effect


Still working on that hot first release.



Deadweight was born out of high school friendship, like so many bands. In the years since those days of a guitar and a set of drums the band has undergone numerous changes, and mostly been only an idea. Some time in 2011, however, the stars aligned and a group of talented musicians first got together and became the current incarnation of Deadweight.
The band started to cut a sound out for themselves. It began with a ritual to channel the spirit of John Bonham. While it only worked halfway, the drums were in place. Then the keyboard was plugged in, followed by the bass. A deep rumbling awoke in the earth.
The guitar players, in true fashion, had log cutting contests to see who would play lead. The tree, however, split straight down the middle and it was decided that this was a sign. Both would play lead.
The room filled with smoke and the vague smell of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and so it was.
The songs began to flow like so many open cans. Songs reminiscent of classic jams and ballads yet with something new, and thick.
Deadweight mixes Rock, Hard Rock, sometimes a little Metal, sometimes a little Funk, maybe even a touch of Motown to get their sound. The ingredients are pretty basic, but the result is something not to be trifled with.
They made their first public appearance on Lawton Oklahoma radio station Z94's "Local Licks @ 6" show. The DJ, Critter, had some very kind words including, but not limited to, "blown away."
Next, Deadweight was featured on two online shows (and is now in the standard rotation of one), and possibly another FM show in Arkansas. One of those online shows also did an interview with Deadweight.
Large online music review "The Ripple Effect" noticed Deadweight's demo among the ~Two Thousand submissions they receive every month and gave them a nice little write up.
Deadweight has been featured on two compilation albums; One of them being Underground Music Unites Vol. 10 and the other being a Ripple Music sampler for Ripple's blog "The Ripple Effect," which has been highly reviewed. Most recently the band was featured on Heavy Planet's first ever compilation album.
Deadweight won Lawton Oklahoma's first annual battle of the bands.
Deadweight won the USAO (Chickasha, OK) battle of the bands for a spot at Droverstock 2013
Deadweight has been featured on several media outlets, such as The Soda Shop, The Ripple Effect, Heavy Planet, Okie Magazine, Fireworks Magazine, etc. The list is constantly growing.
They recently released their first EP: The Red Sun God EP.

We're professional, always on time, never flaky, and we always put on a good rowdy show.