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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rough Track's Artist of the Week: DNA"

There’s nothing like a band of brothers. The way sibling voices mesh so perfectly is usually unmatched and something that bands and groups work extremely hard to achieve. For these guys it comes effortlessly! DNA is an alternative pop/rock band residing in Nashville, TN but hailing from just outside of St. Louis. Yes, Nashville has more to offer than just country music and these gentlemen are living proof!

Their album is a blend of influences and has a fresh and distinctive sound. We picked the band’s brain about their favorite tracks from their album Plenty of Thoughts, who some of their favorite entertainers and influencers are, and about their Katy Perry “Roar” cover with over 100,000 views! Give them a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Where did you get the name DNA?
“The name came to us back in our high school battle of the bands. Since then, the name has really evolved as we as a band have gained experience.” – Chuck

“Our songs are written about things that make up our lives. The songs tell our stories, our faith, beliefs, relationships; anything that has influenced who we have become. The name DNA is a representation of how our songs show what we’re made of, just like our DNA.” – Chase

If you could merge together three entertainer’s careers to create your dream career, who would they be?
“If we had to merge 3 entertainer’s careers together… Hmmm… Of course Freddie Mercury for the musical genius of his songs. The way he was able to think and create music out of the box put him on another level of performance. He will always be known as one of the greatest entertainers of all time.” – Champ

“Someone else we really enjoy hearing about is Bono. His focus for as far back as I can remember has always been on the greater vision and the doors his career could open to help people. He has always been a great motivator and encourager through music and they usually carry a positive message.” – Chase

“For more of a modern entertainer.. Adam Levine comes to mind. The way Maroon 5 has created their own style and sound over such a long period of time is rarely seen in music today. He also has a killer voice. So the three we would mesh together would be Freddie Mercury, Bono, and Adam Levine. Plus I’ve been told I look like him so that’s a plus!” – Chuck

What is something that most fans don’t know about your band but should after this interview?
“Well this may be stretching it… but we love brotherly competition! All in good faith of course. Champ and I love fantasy football especially when we face off against each other.” – Chase

“Ah yes… Last year I arose victorious in our league… After of course the semi-final match against Chase when the chosen one, Tom Brady, clinched my victory on the very last pass of the game.. I beat Chase by .2 points.” – Champ

“We also love to play Halo with the whole extended family during the holidays. Traditionally, on the eve of Christmas Eve the family has the annual, “Grandma got ran over by a Warthog” Halo party where we will have 4 Xboxes systems linked together playing Halo 1 or 2… yeah we’re huge nerds like that.” – Chuck

“Haha yeah we have over 24 male cousins on one side of our family so you can imagine the intensity and alpha male-ism that happens during those parties… if male-ism is a word. Of course when it comes to Halo no one can touch my skills.”


So your cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar” has over 100,000 views on YouTube. Tell us about making the video and secondly are you all Katy Perry fans?
“Haha I mean we’re not the biggest fans in the world but her songs are usually catchy and aren’t raunchy so we think she’s doing a good job.” – Chuck

“I remember I saw her at warped tour in like 2009 right after she released the infamous kiss a girl song. Talk about an experience haha.” – Chase

“Haha yeah but with the making of the music video we actually had the idea of getting a bunch of our friends to come be a part of it as the crowd. We love including people into what we’re doing. For instance, if you look up our “Hypocrite” video, you’ll see the crazy police officer. He’s actually one of our close friends named Brandon. So being proactive and getting people involved is one of our favorite parts about music videos.” -Champ

“We actually recorded the music video in our basement and right outside our house for the bonfire scenes. We hired an awesome videographer named Will Rhodes and we got some great shots of us playing and the crowd. Then we had a bonfire and he shot video of all of us hanging out and just naturally having a good time. The end result was way beyond our expectations!” -Chuck

“ALSO if you look close enough you will see Kermit… and yes I’m talking about Kermit the Frog. He really did make a cameo in the video! So many long drives back and forth from college with him in the passenger seat haha. Be on the lookout for a couple new music videos coming out this coming mon - Rough Track - Ashley Kohorst

""Stonewall Jackson" breathes life into pop music with epic myth-making"

LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT A HERO DOES: DNA’s “Stonewall Jackson” breathes life into pop music with epic mythmaking

Saw these guys in Tell City, Indiana during their Schweitzer Fest performance the night before they laid down this spectacular live version of “Stonewall Jackson” at a show in Illinois. I had never heard the band prior to seeing their exceptional live show, yet I was singing along with this one instantly, the kind of thing which heralds a hit hands-down.

“Make ‘Stonewall Jackson’ the single and make station managers play it at knife-point,” I wrote in a quick email to the band after the set. “They’ll thank you for it later.” A month later I still agree. From the slow-burn guitar and keyboards opening to the frenzied chorus, the song’s got everything you need for a repeatable, ear-catching hook. And the rest of their songs fully live up to the hype, as fully laid bare on the band’s debut full-length Plenty of Thoughts.

There’s definitely plenty of room in the pop scene for a group of guys from St. Louis who have this much songwriting sense and the willingness to get out there and build a fan-base from the ground up. If you haven’t heard DNA, give the songa listen and then head over to their Facebook page. Then sit back and let your ears thank you. - hearhearmusic

"Band of Brothers Goes Back to Their Roots"


From the womb to Nashville, band DNA is making its way through Nashville. Brothers Champ, 23, Chuck, 21, and Chase Callahan, 20, have been playing together since they were small, touring nursing homes throughout their school days. Now that they’re a little older, they’ve expanded into Nashville from St. Louis area under the name DNA.

The band as we know it started at a high school battle of the bands contest where all of a sudden the three brothers found themselves needing a name.

“We thought DNA because DNA is a the genetic code which makes you who you are,” Chuck said. “It was a relative term for us being brothers.”

DNA also looks to bring the music itself back to its roots. In addition to their classical training, all three of the brothers have a very high appreciation for classic 1970s rock and a strong affinity for barbershop-style harmonies.

By incorporating that kind of sound into their music, they hope to bring back some of the sounds they grew up listening to, while maintaining enough of a commercial sound that it will connect to their generation.

“We’ve played a couple of elementary schools, and they love it; we’ve played a couple high schools, and they love it, but we’ve also had a ton of older people like it too,” Chase said. “They recognize the roots from where it’s coming from, and a lot of the younger people like that personality.”

However, the brothers don’t always agree on just what that means. Chase really likes to highlight the trio’s musical abilities. Champ layers some Boston- and Queen-style piano rock to the mix, while Chuck has a more Top 40 sensibility.

“Whenever you start out as a band you come in with big heads, and you can have arguments,” Chase said. “But since we’re brothers we’ve been maturing with each other and we’ve had the opportunity to mature more as writers and learn how to compromise.”

The easiest place to see these differences is on their first full-length album, “Plenty of Thoughts.” Each song has a personality all on its own, and is the result of experimentation and finding ways to fuse the old and the new.

The brothers are willing to write a song, record it, and decide to move on to the next song to try and make a new and different sound.

“You can bore people with too many three-minute songs,” Chuck said.

This summer, DNA hopes to continue to tour and spread the word. The hope is if they can generate enough interest in the community that they will start to petition producers for another album.

One thing the brothers can agree on is that every song should be written with a purpose.

“We want to write something that’s uplifting and has a positive message,” Chuck said. “We feel like we’re pretty good role models,” Chase added. “I believe that from my convictions, people need to hear this music because it’s uplifting” - Creative Spotlights

"Killer, Killer, Harmony Band"

“Killer, Killer, Harmony Band. Great musicianship and their harmonies stunned me. These guys caught my ear.” -Smash Mouth Interview 550 KTRS St. Louis, Missouri - Smash Mouth Interview 550 KTRS St. Louis, Missouri

"The Perfect Package"

“We were fortunate to have DNA perform twice at the St. Louis Hard Rock Cafe in Hard Rock Rising/The Global Battle of the Bands in March of 2012, and again during the Summer Acoustic Music Series in May of 2012. The band…without a doubt…is headed for success in the music industry. Strong vocal harmonies, instrumentals, original lyrics and stage presence…the perfect package.” -Hard Rock, St. Louis, MO - Hard Rock, St. Louis, MO


DNA released their first album entitled, "Plenty of Thoughts" in April of 2013.  It can be found here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/plenty-of-thoughts/id636680341?uo=4


Feeling a bit camera shy


If you know anything about Nashville, Tennessee, you know that the city draws musicians from near and far. Some are simply just dreamers, some desire to attain fame, and the very few that stand out are the ones that possess something more: raw, true talent. DNA, a group of brothers originally hailing from Imperial, Missouri, now calls Nashville their home. They are said “without a double...[to be] headed for success in the music industry. Strong vocal harmonies, instrumentals, original lyrics and stage presence…the perfect package” (Hard Rock St. Louis, MO).

Chuck (lead guitarist/ fiddler/ vocalist), Champ (lead vocalist/ pianist/ guitarist), and Chase (bassist/ cellist/ vocalist) are all influenced by major music legends such as Queen, The Beatles, Muse, and The Eagles. The fluidity to their pop-rock sound strikes the listener as something new, fresh and different. The band says that they want their music to have positive and creative lyrics, great harmonies, and musical excellence.

The band has played all over the nation, at both small venues and shows up to sixty thousand people. They have opened up for country songwriter, Jeffery Steele, in St. Louis and have played at multiple large-scale venues such as 12th and Porter in Nashville, Hard Rock Café, the Rutledge Nashville, the Old Rock House, and multiple music festivals in VA, Nashville, and NC. DNA played a promotional tour last summer (2013) that hit hot spots all over the country. The band is currently touring throughout the U.S. promoting their current new single.

In April 2013, DNA released their six-track EP, “Personality.” The album can be found online at www.thebandDNA.com. The band’s new single, “Saying Things,” will release in August, and are currently working on the release of a new album next spring. DNA is just as they’ve named themselves: a band with a composition so unique, there is no other band that replicates their inimitable form.

© Laura Long, 2014