The Bandits

The Bandits

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Our music is experimental hip hop/electronica/ indie. We make music for people that will listen and can relate to where we are coming from


The bandits aka KC 2.0, Donell Proper, Tyler Major, And P.Flem was started for one purpose, to make the music we liked because we were bored of the same concepts being used over and over on the radio and in videos, but thats why anyone starts a "band" right? Influenced by indie rock/rap, electro, rnb, 80's/90's hip hop, poetry, pop culture and really anything in general, we take what we hear and turn it into "music" from our perspective. sure we rap, but we started off producing and just pushing instrumental albums and remixes of anything from partyshank and justice to clipse.



Set List

15-20 mins set time
any of our songs