The Band Keith

The Band Keith


The Band Keith blends many different genres of music together. The core of the band is rock solid and additional members were brought along to start something new. Anything from putting our own spin on traditional bluegrass to electronic trance is bound to happen at a show put on by The Band Keith.


The Band Keith formed in late 2006. Former members of a couple of bands in the Northwest Arkansas region joined together to form this band. A couple of guys in a local bluegrass band brought their influences, as well as a drummer and bass player coming from rock influence backgrounds. We picked up a keyboard/organ player from outer space and added a whole new dynamic to the sound.

Very high energy, up tempo songs mixed in with very dark almost spooky tunes blend well together with this lineup of members. The music has evolved from its organic roots to embrace electronic gear and all things psychedelic. Their original songs are sometimes simplistic and true and sometimes metrically patterned streams of consciousness that mimic the language of our minds. The Band Keith is an experience shared by musicians and fans alike.

The Band Keith will start a new chapter this spring as they head out to numerous festivals and venues, bringing a new fresh approach to what fans would expect. They will continue this new chapter and are looking forward to entertaining and exciting fans across the country.


Xmas Jam (Live) - 2006
All Over - 2007


Set List

Sets can last as long or as short as needed.

Typically sets are 1 to 1.5 hours in length, but
we can play for 45 minutes or we can play for 3 hours +

Almost all of the songs we play are originals, but
we can and do play a variety of takes on cover songs.

No single show is the same set list. Every day is a new day!