The Band of the Eye

The Band of the Eye


'This band has got a huge future; it's only a matter of time before someone discovers how fantastic they are.' - BBC Radio


Formed in 2007, The Band of the Eye is gigging around the UK and has been played on many radio stations and podcasts in Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the US and the UK, including BBC stations, a week as a Featured Band on XFM, and various interviews.

The band played its first gig in April 2007. Favourite venues include The Fleece, The Croft and The Louisiana (Bristol), Moles Club (Bath), Buffalo Bar (Cardiff), Lark in the Park and The Hope & Anchor (London).

The January/February 2008 issue of Alternative magazine included The Band of the Eye's 'Beatnik Acoustics' on the cover-mount CD.

In early 2008 the band spent time in London recording new music at Press Play Studios with producer Paul Tipler. From these sessions, the debut single by The Band of the Eye, 'Dress-Down Day', was released in May 2008 by UK indie Shifty Disco.

The Band of the Eye is included on the Panther compilation released in July 2008 by Leaping Cat Records.

The band recorded its debut album with Paul Tipler in late 2008. The album will be available in 2009.



Written By: Chris Murray

You have no heart,
Weeks have passed
And still it smarts,
But here’s the thing,
You’re sick of being
The only one
Who sees the chance
For circumstance
To lead you wrong,

It seems since you took flight,
He dreams of you at night,

Don’t leave me wasting, hanging,
Don’t leave me waiting longing.

You know me well;
As you put it,
Better than I know myself,
And I’m afraid
I curse the day
That we first met,
Try I may
But every way leads to regret,

I’ll take no other love,
But words are not enough,

Don’t leave me wasting, hanging,
Don’t leave me waiting longing,
Don’t leave me waiting for you.


Music that Doesn't Suck, compilation (Hard Rock Radio Records, 2010)

Contagious Ignorance: debut album, Poison Tree Records (worldwide, 2009)

Sounds for a Jilted Generation compilation (Red Square Records, 2009)

'Dress Down Day' single (Shifty Disco, 2008)

The Band of the Eye EP (self-released, 2008)

Panther, compilation CD (Leaping Cat Records, 2009)

Bleeding Edge, compilation (Alternative Magazine, 2009)

Set List

All originals.
Typical set 45 mins.
No epics or very long songs.

1. Why You Are so Awful
2. Wasting
3. King of the Dead
4. Beatnik Acoustics
5. Bye
6. This Skin I’m In
7. On the Edge
8. Forgotten Man’s Friend
9. Contagious Ignorance
10. Dress-Down day
11. Lippy Children
12. Sad Old World


Gibson SG
Epiphone Les Paul ltd edition
Fender Telecaster (Mexico)
Fender 12-string semi-acoustic
Fender Lap steel

Effects: Boss DS-2
Supervibe chorus
Vibratrem tremolo/vibrato
Vox wah

Amp: Marshall Vintage Modern + cabinet

Basses Vester 5-string
Dean fretless
Amp: Laney 500w
Effects: overdrive

Drums Remo 5-piece
Paiste and Zildjian cymbals